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Library charges

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Fines - books

Branches: Adult: 10p per day overdue for each item (max. £5.00 per item).
Mobile libraries: 10p per item per missed visit.
Children: no fines on children's items.

Fines - other

Talking books: Adult - 10p per day overdue for each item, to a maximum of £5.00. No fines on children's items. 

50p per day for adult and children’s feature films; 20p per day for children’s, information, and music DVDs. Maximum fine for each item is £5.00.


Books in stock or on order: no charge
Not in stock book or periodical: £6.00
Music and play sets: £20.00

Talking Books Hire Charges

Adults - £2. No charge for children’s items

DVD Hire Charge

£1 per week for children’s, information, and music
£2 per week for adult and children’s feature films

Replacement tickets

Adult/children: £1

Sales of withdrawn stock

Adult fiction: from 20p
Non-fiction: from 50p
Junior: from 10p
Audio: from 50p

Sale of flash drives/memory sticks

2GB flash drives: £5




0-25 sheets:  A4, 10p per sheet; A3, 20p per sheet
26-50 sheets:  A4, 7p per sheet; A3, 15p per sheet
51+ sheets:  A4, 5p per sheet; A3, 10p per sheet


A4: 15p black & white, 35p colour

Microfiche/film printout -
A4: 30p self-service, 50p postal (where available)

Digital copies and printouts undertaken by staff: £1 each


Incoming: 50p per page
Outgoing: UK £1; Europe - £2 for 1st page, £1 for each subsequent page; World - £3 for 1st page, £1 for each subsequent page  

Laminating (where available)

A4 size:  £1.50
A3 size:  £2.00


Books: In print - current published price
Out of print: current average cost for book type
Cost of rebinding if appropriate

DVDs: Individually priced

Voluntary/educational organisations:

£10 per hour; £20 per 3 hour session. £50 per 3 hour session out of library opening hours(to cover cost of caretaker call out)

Other organisations:

£20 per hour, £40 per 3 hour session during library opening hours; no out of hours availability

Use of kitchen facilities: 

Brecon and Newtown £5, others £2

We offer a 10% reduction for regular bookings(5 per year and over)


Non selling exhibitions: Free
Selling exhibitions: £15 per week or £45 per month

Display cases: 

Non selling exhibitions: Free
Selling exhibitions, per case: £5 per week or £15 per month.

There is no charge for local organisations’ information displays.

Please see our policy and terms and conditions for more information.


Quick look ups (up to half an hour) - £12.50

One hour - £25.00

Two hours £50





Call charges