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This website was unavailable to most people on the morning of 24th October. Access has been restored, but you might not be able to view documents (eg: links to pdf files) and images. You might also be unable to access the Planning Application System and some other systems. We apologise for this interruption and hope to restore normal service shortly.

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Powys libraries have over 270,000 books, talking books and DVDs for you to borrow.

To see some of the new books we have in stock, click on ‘New in Stock’ on the catalogue homepage.

Can't find it in the Catalogue?

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We have a request service for books, journal articles, music scores and play sets. If you can’t find the item you want, we can try to get it for you by either buying a copy to add to our collection, or by borrowing it from another library in the UK.

Logging into the Library Catalogue

In addition to your library card number (bar code), a PIN number is now needed to log in to the library catalogue.

If you joined the library before July 2014, your default PIN will be the last 4 digits of your phone number.

If you haven’t previously given us your phone number, your PIN will be ‘changeme’