A Beautiful Place to Live

Elan Valley scene - photograph by George McManus
Elan Valley scene - photograph by George McManus

Powys boasts some of the most beautiful scenery and livable communities in the British Isles, and Powys County Council is helping to keep it that way. This section of the site deals with the Council's environmental services and responsibilities, which are split between several departments.

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Departments dealing with environmental issues

Several departments deal with environmental issues in Powys. These include the Recreation and Countryside department and the Environmental Health department.

Recreation and Countryside Services

  • Recreation and Countryside Policy.
  • Environmental Policy initiatives, e.g. Powys Energy Agency.
  • Sports Development.
  • Outdoor recreation: public parks, open spaces, play areas, sports pitches, pavilions and allotments.
  • Countryside Access: legal and practical work to improve public access to rights of way and open countryside.
  • National and Recreation Trails.
  • Local Biodiversity Action Plan.
  • Coed Cymru broad-leaved woodland management scheme.
  • Landscape design and arboricultural advice.

Environmental Health

The Environmental Health Division provides a wide range of services aimed at protecting residents, visitors and the environment. Many of these services involve a regulatory activity but the majority are educational and advisory.

Much of the work includes enforcing laws and encouraging good practice. In many cases we work closely with other organisations, such as the Environment Agency or Food Standards Agency.