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Recreational trails

Powys County Council manages two National Trails, the Offa’s Dyke Path and Glyndwr’s Way, as well as a number of regionally important promoted trails. These currently include the Wye Valley Walk, Severn Way, Ann Griffiths Walk, Kerry Ridgeway, Pererindod Melangell and the Epynt Way. Visit the PowysTrails website for more information or click on the links below. 

Questions or Comments about Recreational Trails in Powys

For general information on activities in mid Wales please visit the explore Mid Wales website.

If you prefer shorter, circular routes; the Leaping Stiles website has maps and information on routes throughout central Powys. 

Guides and leaflets

You can find a number of guides and leaflets about these trails on the Publications page.

 Guided walks

 Countryside Services run an annual guided walk programme called Trail Tempters