Licence - House to House Collections

Why is a licence required?

No collection for a charitable purpose can be made unless the requirements of the House to House Collections Act 1939 are satisfied.

The Act requires a licence to be in place for house to house collections for charitable purposes and the process for this is contained in the Act and in Regulations under the Act.

Who can apply?

You must be a fit and proper person.

How to apply

Prior to making an application you will need to check availability of the date/s you require with the licensing service.

It is essential that the promoter of the collection is fully aware of the requirements of the regulation under the Act as already mentioned, non compliance is an offence.

In particular the promotor has to apply to a Government Department to obtain badges for collectors, authorise collectors and ensure the necessary statements, in the prescribed form, are returned within one month of the collection.  These forms are supplied with the licence.

Additional information on house to house collections can be found on the Charity Commission website.

Please use the links on the right of this page to apply or exchange information.

Alternatively, application forms and guidance notes can be obtained using the contact details on the right of this page.

What if I don't hear from Powys County Council within the specified time?

You will be able to act as though your application is granted if you have not heard from Powys County Council within 7 calendar days of submitting your request.


There is no fee charged for applications for street collections or house to house collections.

Is there an appeal process?

Please contact Powys County Council in the first instance.

You have the right to appeal to the Minister for the Cabinet Office.

Appeals must be lodged within 14 days of the refusal.

Consumer Complaint

If you have a complaint in relation to a business operating under this regulation please contact your local office using the details on the right of this page.

Service Contact

There are contact details available in a number of locations for this Service. Please select your nearest town:

Application Forms

The links below take you to another website which processes these applications on behalf of Powys County Council.

Apply to run a charitable collection

Notify us of the result of a charitable collection


House to House Collections Act 1939

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