Powys Archives Research Service

You are welcome to visit Powys Archives Office to use the documents, catalogues or microfilm readers free of charge. If however you are unable to come in person we are able to undertake research on your behalf.

If you wish research to be undertaken please complete the online application form, or print and complete the pdf version and send it by post to Powys Archives.  Please read the information below about our Research Service:

What will it cost?

We are able to do quick "look-ups" (ONE entry only in a specified parish register or census return) within half an hour for £12.50 (which includes VAT).  All other research will be chargeable at the hourly rate of £25 per hour (which includes VAT).  Please note that a fee is still payable should the search yield no positive results. 

Is information on your holdings free?

Yes. Requests about the records and other sources we hold and how they can be used for research is free. Detailed searches of our catalogues incur a research fee.

What sorts of searches can you undertake?

Specific searches, eg searching for entries in parish registers or census returns would require a straight-forward search. Longer searches, for instance checking workhouse minutes are also possible but would obviously take more time. General requests like the growth and development of Llandrindod Wells cannot be undertaken. The County Archivist reserves the right to refuse a search, or to impose a limit on the length of time which can be spent on it.

How long will it take?

Once we have received your request form we aim to answer all enquiries within four weeks, but occasionally a backlog of work may result in delays.

How do I apply?

Supply details of your research requirements on an application form. You can submit this online, which will generate an email to Powys Archives, or complete a hard copy form and return this by post to Powys Archives. No research can be undertaken unless an authorised research form (in electronic or hard copy format) has been received.

How can I pay?

The fee is payable after the research has been undertaken, and we will accept postal orders or cheques in sterling only payable to Powys County Council and drawn on a bank with a UK branch. Alternatively you can pay online, by debit or visa card, using the Powys County Council Online Payments Facility. Please do not make any payment until after the research has been undertaken.

How will I receive the information?

When a search is complete we will send a typed report, by email attachment or by post, giving full details of the sources checked and information found. We will also include the fee payable for the research that has been undertaken.

Does Powys library service offer a local studies Research Service?

Yes.  The libraries hold copies of trade directories, newspapers, periodicals and local history publications. Further details can be viewed here, with material listed in our section on additional sources.  If the sources you are interested in are held by Powys library service then you will need to apply as follows:

Breconshire - apply to Brecon library here

Montgomeryshire - apply to Newtown library here

Radnorshire - apply via Powys Archives.

Online Application Form

Click here for the online form.

or print and complete the pdf file below

Printable Form

Research Service Form

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Library Local Studies Research Service

Over the last few years the County Archives Office has run a successful research service for those who are unable to travel to the office. This service how been extended to offer research for the Breconshire and Montgomeryshire local studies collections at Brecon and Newtown libraries.  For research requests relating to Radnorshire and the local studies collection at Llandrindod library, please apply via Powys Archives.

For details of the new extended service at Brecon and Newtown libraries click here