Current Consultations

Leisure survey for Brecon area residents

If you live in the Brecon area, we'd like to hear your views on future leisure provision within the town. You can see our survey here. This survey is open until Friday April 18th, 2014.

Consultations from other organisations

Windfarm Proposals in Powys

Under the Planning  Act 2008 any developer who is proposing to build something which has a significant impact on the county's infrastructure, economy and landscape has to consult local residents as part of the process.   The majority of these proposals will then have to be considered by the Infrastructure Planning Commission. (IPC)  The Commission is an independent body which examines applications for things like power stations, wind farms, airports, sewage treatment works etc...

Although our Have Your Say web pages are about allowing you to comment on council consultations we thought it appropriate to add on any windfarm websites so you can see at a glance which developers are proposing what and comment as you see fit.   Before they submit their application, all developers have to produce a Statement of Community Consultation which sets out the details of their consultation plans.  The Council has a role to comment on these and give constructive feedback.  The IPC will take account of this and other concerns raised by consultees when judging each application.

Below is a list of current websites which may be of interest to you as a local resident. 


National Grid  

SP Manweb


Dyfnant Forest


The Welsh Government produces various policies and plans and this link provides you with a chance to find out more about their consultations.


give us your views

Budget 2014/15 - Feedback report

Our report on the feedback from the public regarding the 2014/15 budget can be accessed via the links below.

This report is being presented to the council's Cabinet on 18/2/14.

Feedback report (including appendices C and D)


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Appendix A


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Appendix B


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