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Coed Cymru

What is Coed Cymru and what does it do?

Coed Cymru is a National Welsh Initiative supported by statutory bodies, governmental organisations and private companies across Wales.

It offers free help and advice on the management of woodlands and the sustainable use of woodland products. It covers the whole spectrum from the growth of new trees through to high quality Welsh hardwood products.

What does Coed Cymru do in Powys?

  • Coed Cymru provides a front line service in Powys, employing three woodland officers directly engaging with the public, landowners and community groups. 
  • Within Powys County Council, Coed Cymru Officers provide specialist technical support for key functions, including a full forest and woodland management planning and advisory service, advice on materials procurement, woodland certification, construction, waste management of timber, green energy including the use of biofuels and renewables, highways verges and the management of outdoor spaces. 
  • Woodland officers are enrolled as agent planners with Forestry Commission Wales, a new professional standard required by Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) for all grant aided woodland management applications.  The Forestry Commissions’ new woodland grant scheme (2007), is called 'Better Woodlands for Wales' and offers a package of grants to help landowners manage their woods and forests.
  • Advise the local authority on environmental issues relating to their own woodland estate.
  • Coed Cymru is one of the partners in the Flood Risk Management Research Consortium, involved in hydrological research at Pontbren in Montgomeryshire.  The group is looking at how land use changes affect the movement of water through an entire catchment, and how changes being brought about to farming and forestry practice may affect this.
  • Offer technical support to national agri-environment schemes including Tir Gofal and Tir Cynnal, working with WAG staff to achieve and maintain high environmental standards. 
  • Hosts a research and development unit at the Tregynon offices as well as housing the administrative staff and director.  Current projects include investigations into the heat treatment of timber, the TyUnnos sustainable housing initiative, production of fuelwood pellets, laminated joinery and furniture, and end grain flooring.  All projects involve the use of Welsh timber almost exclusively hardwoods. Recent innovation has seen the use of Welsh Spruce being included on the list as the structural component in the TyUnnos portal frame system.

Coed Cymru’s vision for sustainability

“Coed Cymru has been advocating sensible and sustainable woodland management for 21 years throughout Wales, focusing on the management of neglected native woodlands and the continual development of the hardwood processing sector. 

We strive to offer real understanding of the social, commercial and environmental importance of woodlands in Wales.

Our aim is to rebuild a culture of woodland management in Wales which will improve and perpetuate our woodlands.  If the benefits can be made to exceed the costs we will achieve our objective.”

Origins and Background

Coed Cymru is a partnership of organisations dedicated to bringing Welsh broadleaf woodlands into sustainable management. It was founded in 1985 and established as a company limited by guarantee and a charity in 1989.

Why did it come about?

Following a century of neglect and plunder, the majority of Welsh broadleaf woodlands had been left in a state of serious decline where 85% showed no significant recruitment of young trees

Coed Cymru began in 1985 as a campaigning body whose role was to heighten awareness of native woodlands, particularly among the farming community who own most of these woodlands in Wales. In 1986 a network of woodland advisors were established, based in County Council and National Park offices.

The Coed Cymru Central office at Tregynon in Powys provides the communication, technical and administrative support necessary to maintain the cohesion of the organisation.

What has it achieved?

There are 123,000 hectares of broadleaf woodland in Wales, 34,413 hectares which is designated Ancient Semi-Natural Woodland (ASNW). It is our most diverse terrestrial habitat.

Over 6,148 woodland management and tree planting projects have been instigated, in all, just over 24,773 hectares, equivalent to 20% of the total broadleaved woodland area for Wales.

More than 400 businesses now regularly use Welsh hardwoods, including many recent converts.

How is it funded?

Coed Cymru is funded by the partners: Countryside Council for Wales (CCW), Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) and National Parks in Wales, Forestry Commission Wales (FCW), Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) and the Environment Agency Wales.

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