Strategic Equality Plan 2012-2016

In order to meet the different needs that people have when accessing the Council services and employment opportunities, and to ensure that we also assist in tackling the disadvantage that some people experience within life, the Council has adopted a Strategic Equality Plan.

This was fully adopted by the Cabinet on the 23rd October 2012, after an extended period of public consultation on the original draft version. The plan runs from 2012 – 2016 after which a full review will take place.

Powys Strategic Equality Plan

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If you would like this document in large print, Braille, Easy read or in an audio format, please contact the Council using the following contact details and we will arrange this for you:

E-mail: equalities@powys.gov.uk

Phone: 0845 602 7030 or 01597 827460, and ask to speak from someone from the Equalities team.

Write to: The Equalities Team, Powys County Council, County Hall, Spa Road East, Llandrindod Wells, Powys LD1 5LG.

The plan sets out ten objectives for improvement. These are the ten things that the Council will focus attention on improving over the 4 years 2012-2016. The objectives are based upon relevant data and evidence gathered and analysed, as set out further below.

Within the plan, under each objective are a number of steps or sub-objectives - these are specific things that the Council will work on in relation to each of the ten objectives. More detail on these will be contained within the relevant lead service business plans; a matrix is contained within the Strategic Equality Plan that shows which services are leading on which objectives.

How fair is Powys? Events Analysis report

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How fair is Powys? Online survey report

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How fair is Powys? Statistical analysis report

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Service Performance data

Link to Education report

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Link to Childrens Social Services report

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Link to Adult Social Services report

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Annual Monitoring Report 2012

The council is required to prepare and publish an annual report each year noting progress across all aspects of its equalities work.

The report (available to download below) details the work the council has undertaken up to the 31 March 2012.

SEP Annual Monitoring 2012

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SEP Annual Monitoring 2013

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