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Welcome to 'Have Your Say'.  These pages aim to give you an opportunity to give your views on the work and policies of the council.

Our latest consultation projects can be found here. You can also find out why and how we consult - perhaps consider joining our Citizens Panel? and lots more via the grey buttons on the left of the screen.

If you wish, you can comment on a planning application too, via this link.

When things go wrong

We want to hear feedback, both positive and negative. If you are unhappy with the Council it is important to us that we hear from you as soon as possible. Please use the following links should you wish to report something or make a request for something. For complaints please continue with the process below.

Stage 1 – Initial Contact

Our aim is to solve problems as quickly and effectively as possible. Complaints are usually best dealt with immediately. Where possible, discuss your complaint with the local officer you are dealing with. In the majority of cases the matter can be resolved at this stage. However, if your problem cannot be settled by an informal approach, please ask to speak to the Complaints Officer for the particular service, or complete our Complaints, Comments & Compliments form

Stage 2 – Formal Investigation

When your complaint is received, the Complaints Officer will co-ordinate an investigation into your complaint in conjunction with a Senior Officer or a Group Director and reply within ten working days. If a more detailed response is needed we will acknowledge your communication within 5 working days of receipt and we aim to let you have a full response within 20 working days. (For Social Services Complaints or Schools, please see below.)

Not all complaints are the same

Some services have different procedures for handling complaints which have been set down by Central Government:


If you have any complaints, comments or compliments regarding any equality issue (ethnic background, race, gender, age, disability, religion / belief, sexual orientation or language) Please use our Complaints, Comments & Compliments form but let us know that it is in relation to an equality issue.


Under the Education Act 2002, governing bodies are required to establish and publish complaints procedures. If you wish to make a complaint about a school, you should request a copy of the governing body’s complaints procedures and make your complaint in accordance with those procedures.

Children and Families (former Children’s Social Services) and Social Care (former Adult Social Care)

Complaints with regard to these services will be dealt with under special statutory arrangements, but the process may be started by submitting our Complaints, Comments & Compliments form or contacting Customer Services.

Breach of your personal information

In order to provide the services required of it Powys County Council is required to collect, use, share, and store your personal information. When doing so the Council takes every effort to protect your personal information. The Council has introduced and will continually review those security measures to prevent incidents such as:

·          Unauthorised access to information

·          Unauthorised disclosure of information

·          Unauthorised destruction or loss information 

However, on occasions you may feel the Council has failed to protect your personal information to your satisfaction and so we would ask that you bring these instances to our attention. This allows the Council to ensure that we are responding appropriately in our obligations to your personal information, and that we are able to make any necessary changes to the way we work.

Complaints with regard to breaches of personal information will be investigated outside of the normal complaints procedures, but the process may be started by submitting our Complaints, Comments & Compliments form or contacting Customer Services.  

How to Make a Formal Compliment or Complaint

You can fill in the Complaints, Comments & Compliments form  or alternatively, you can print it out and return it to Customer Services.