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Call charges

The cost of calling 0845 numbers is made up of two parts:

The access charge going to your phone company, and a service charge set by the organisation you are calling. Powys County Council does not charge extra for calls made to any of our numbers. 

You can find out the access charge for this number – which is the rest of the call cost – from your phone company.

01 and 02 numbers – geographic numbers

These numbers relate to specific locations in the UK and are used for homes and businesses. 

Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute; calls from mobiles between 3p and 40p per minute depending on your call package. 

07 - mobile numbers

Calls to mobiles are charged between 6p and 32p per minute from landlines and are typically not included in free call packages. Call costs from mobiles vary according to the calling plan chosen. 


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Planning Public Access Terms & Conditions of Use

  • The information on this website does not replace the Council's statutory register of planning applications.

  • The Council cannot guarantee that this section of the website will always be available due to essential maintenance.

  • Drawings and documents can be large files and may take some time to download depending on your connection speed. The quality of the image depends on the quality of the original submission.

  • You should make sure that all relevant comments are received within the specified time. Please use the online comments facility on this website for this.

  • The online planning history currently published on the website is incomplete and must not be used as a substitute for carrying out a formal 'Land Charge Search'. No responsibility will be taken for any errors or omissions in the planning history information obtained from this website. Similarly the information on this website does not constitute in any way a formal notification of a planning decision, and as such any actions taken as a result of information displayed on the site are undertaken entirely at the viewer's own risk.

  • Whilst all plans and drawings on this website are scans of scaled originals, the images will not appear at any particular scale on your computer screen. Figured dimensions, where they appear, are the only indications of measurements on these images.


Plans, drawings and material submitted to the Council are protected by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. You may only download and/or print material for consultation purposes, to compare current applications with previous schemes and to check whether developments have been completed in accordance with approved plans. Further copies must not be made without the prior permission of the copyright owner.

Privacy statement

If you supply personal information through this website:

  1. It will only be used for the agreed reason and will be looked after securely.

  2. It will only be kept for as long as needed or to comply with statutory requirements and will then be securely destroyed.

  3. If we have to share your information with other agencies, we will seek initial consent at this point and explicit (signed) consent will obtained by the service/department concerned as soon as possible. If we are obliged by law to disclose the information, this may not apply



Data Protection and Privacy

In order to deliver services to the citizens and communities in Powys, it is necessary for the council to collect, gather, and process personal data about residents, staff and other individuals.

As a Data Controller, the council determines the purpose and methods for processing information and ensures safeguards over any personal and/or sensitive information it handles.

We collect information about you when you register with us or make requests for items or services. We sometimes also collect information you give us when you voluntarily complete customer surveys, provide feedback and participate in competitions.

When you visit our website, some information is automatically collected. For example, your computer's operating system, Internet Protocol (IP) address, access times, browser type and language, and/or the site you came from may be logged automatically. This information is not linked to your personal information.

Contact Details for the council:

Powys County Hall
Spa Road East
Llandrindod Wells

Email: customer@powys.gov.uk

Telephone: 01597 826000

Data Protection Officer:

The council's Data Protection Officer can be contacted by email at Information.Compliance@powys.gov.uk and by phone at 01597 826400

In order to deliver a range of public services to the citizens and communities of Powys, such as:

  • maintaining our own accounts and records
  • supporting and managing our employees
  • promoting the services the Council provides
  • marketing our local tourism
  • carrying out health and public awareness campaigns
  • managing our property
  • providing leisure and cultural services
  • provision of education
  • carrying out surveys
  • administering the assessment and collection of taxes and other revenue including benefits and grants
  • licensing and regulatory activities
  • local fraud initiatives
  • the provision of social services
  • crime prevention and prosecution offenders including the use of CCTV
  • corporate administration and all activities we are required to carry out as a data controller and public authority
  • undertaking research
  • the provision of all commercial services including the administration and enforcement of parking regulations and restrictions
  • the provision of all non-commercial activities including refuse collections from residential properties,
  • internal financial support and corporate functions
  • managing archived records for historical and research reasons
  • data matching under local and national fraud initiatives
  • managing your personal Powys County Council account and subscriptions
  • personalising your repeat visits to our web pages

We need access to and be able to use personal information about clients, customers, and staff. This information can be sensitive in nature so we put safeguards in place to ensure that:

  • we only gather as much information as we need, and no more
  • the information is accurate and up-to-date
  • the information is only used for the purpose intended
  • we keep the information for only as long as we need to   

We will not disclose personal information to third parties for marketing purposes or use personal data in a way that may cause unwarranted detriment.

However there are circumstances where the council is legally required to disclose information:

  • for the purpose of performing statutory enforcement duties
  • disclosures required by law
  • for the purposes of detecting/preventing fraud
  • auditing/administering public funds

Information is processed by the council in the UK.  However, we will inform you in our 'Privacy Notices' of any instance where this may not be the case.

The council will only share your information where it is required to do so, such as, where services are delivered jointly with other organisations. We will tell you who these other organisations are when we gather your information. 

In order to carry out our functions Powys County Council may obtain, use and disclose personal data including the following:

  • Personal details
  • Family details
  • Lifestyle and social circumstances
  • Goods and services
  • Financial details
  • Employment and education details
  • Housing needs
  • Visual images, personal appearance and behviour
  • Licenses or permits held
  • Student and pupil records
  • Business activities
  • Case file information
  • Physical or mental health details
  • Racial or ethnic origin
  • Trade union membership
  • Political affiliation
  • Political opinions
  • Offences (including alleged offences)
  • Religious or other beliefs of a similar nature
  • Criminal proceedings, outcomes and sentences.

Powys County Council will only use appropriate personal data necessary to fulfil a particular purpose or purposes. Personal data could be information which is held on a computer or its systems, in a paper record i.e. a file, as images, but it can also include other types of electronically held information e.g. CCTV images.

In order to carry out the purposes described above in why we process your personal data Powys County Council may obtain, use and disclose personal data about the following:

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Staff, persons contracted to provide a service
  • Claimants
  • Complainants, enquiries or their representatives
  • Professional advisors and consultants
  • Students and pupils
  • Carers or representatives
  • Landlords
  • Recipients of benefits
  • Witnesses
  • Offenders and suspected offenders
  • Licence and permit holders
  • Traders and others subject to inspection
  • People captured by CCTV images
  • Representatives of other organisations

In order to carry out the purposes described above Powys County Council may obtain personal data from a wide variety of sources, including the following:

  • Law enforcement agencies
  • HM Revenue and Customs
  • Licensing authorities
  • Legal representatives
  • Prosecuting authorities
  • Defence solicitors
  • Courts
  • Prisons
  • Security companies
  • Voluntary sector organisations
  • Approved organisations and people working with the Council
  • Auditors
  • Central government, governmental agencies and departments
  • Emergency services
  • Individuals themselves
  • Relatives, guardians or other persons associated with the individual
  • Current, past or prospective employers of the individual
  • Healthcare, social and welfare advisers or practitioners
  • Education, training establishments and examining bodies
  • Business associates and other professional advisors
  • Employees and agents of BGCBC
  • Suppliers, providers of goods or services
  • Persons making an enquiry or complaint
  • Financial organisations and advisors
  • Credit reference agencies
  • Loss Adjusters
  • External claims handlers
  • Witnesses
  • Medical consultants and GPs
  • Survey and research organisations
  • Trade, employer associations and professional bodies
  • Local government
  • Voluntary and charitable organisations
  • Ombudsman and regulatory authorities
  • The media
  • Data Processors working on behalf of BGCBC
  • Probation Service
  • Public Protection Multi Agency Sharing Hubs
  • Information openly available on the internet
  • Body Worn Cameras worn by officers
  • Other departments within the Council

Powys County Council may also obtain personal data from other sources such as its own CCTV systems, or correspondence.

Where information is shared with other organisations or processed on our behalf, we will ensure adequate protection by ensuring contracts and sharing agreements are in place.  These will define the minimum amount of data to be shared, how your information is to be used and will enforce security controls to protect your information.

All council officers are required to undertake relevant training to ensure that personal data is processed in accordance with the principle of data protection legislation.

Where information is shared with other organisations or processed on our behalf, we will ensure adequate protection by ensuring contracts and sharing agreements are in place.  These will define the minimum amount of data to be shared, how your information is to be used and will enforce security controls to protect your information.

All council officers are required to undertake relevant training to ensure that personal data is processed in accordance with the principle of data protection legislation.

We will only keep your information for the minimum period necessary. After this time, information is deleted/destroyed in accordance with council approved retention schedules.  Please see our 'retention schedule' which explains how long we keep information for see the retention schedule

Retention Schedule

A retention schedule is a list of records that need to be retained by the Council for a designated period of time. The Retention Schedule shows the title of each record, a time period for which records are to be retained, and identified the reason (legislative, regulatory and / or operational) on which retention is based.

Subject Access Request - you are able to make a request to see and be provided with a copy of information about you that is being used by Powys County Council. This includes why information is being held and what sorts of decisions are being made using that information.

To make this request please fill in a Subject Access Request Form

Right to be informed - you have the right to be supplied with information explaining why and how we use your information. These notices are called Privacy Notices.

Right of rectification - you are entitled to have personal information put right or completed if you feel it inaccurate or not complete.

Right to be forgotten - you have the right to request that personal information about you is erased where we have no compelling reason to continue using it.

Right to block or restrict - you are able to ask that we stop using your personal information for certain reasons and in certain ways.

Right to portability - Dependent upon the reasons and the way in which we use your information you may be entitled to obtain and reuse your information, to move your information from one IT system to another.  This applies only when its information you gave us, you consented to us using it, or we are using it because of a contract, and the use of information is undertaken by a computer.

Right to object - you are able to object to us using your information in some cases, such as direct marketing.

Rights related to automated decision making including profiling - where you are able to request human intervention in the decision making process.

Depending on why we need to process your information, you will have certain rights over how it's used.  These will be detailed in the Privacy Notices, provided.

The council has a legal basis for gathering and processing of information necessary for the delivery of services.  You have the right to request that the council stop or restrict using your personal data in relation to any council service. However, this may cause delays or prevent us delivering a service to you.  Where possible, we will seek to comply with such requests but this may not be possible where the council is required to do so by law, to safeguard public safety, where there is a risk of harm and/or in emergency situations.

Please submit an enquiry to us if you would like to:     

  • View your information, please submit a request (Subject Access Request)
  • Verify, correct or update your information
  • Understand how we have arrived at a decision about you 
  • If you have a concern, complaint, objection or request a restriction on how we process your data
  • We will endeavour to respond to all enquiries within 28 days of their submission.

Contact details for enquiries:

Data Protection Officer:

The council's Data Protection Officer can be contacted by email at Information.Compliance@powys.gov.uk and by phone at 01597 826400

For independent advice about data protection, privacy and data sharing issues, you can contact the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) at:

Information Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF

Tel: 0303 123 1113 (local rate) or 01625 545 745 if you prefer to use a national rate number

Alternatively, visit ico.org.uk or email casework@ico.org.uk.

Powys County Council takes the security of all personal data under our control very seriously. We will ensure that appropriate policy, training, technical and procedural measures are in place, including audit and integrity monitoring, to protect our manual and electronic information systems from data loss and misuse, and only permit access to them when there is a legitimate reason to do so, and then under strict guidelines as to what use may be made of any personal data contained within them. These procedures are continuously managed and enhanced to ensure up-to-date security.

When you use this website, some data (cookies) will be stored on your computer.

These cookies are essential for us to provide a good web service to you.  None are used for marketing purposes, and no personal information is stored in (or accessed by) our cookies. They just help our site work.

We use them on this website to improve services for you by, for example:

  • making sure your device is recognised so that you don't have to give the same information several times during one task
  • recognising that you have already given a username and password so you don't need to re-enter it into every web page you go to
  • measuring how many people are using our website, so we can make sure that we can meet the demand
  • understanding how people access the information on our site via search engines, so we can tailor it to make information easier to find.


Cookies on the powys.gov.uk website from other companies and social networking websites

During your visit to the site you may notice some cookies that are not related to powys.gov.uk. This happens when you visit a page with content embedded from a third party (for example YouTube videos) or use some of the links to social networking sites (e.g. Share This). These websites may place cookies on your computer.

Powys County Council does not control how a third party uses their cookies. You should check these third party websites' privacy policies for more information about their cookies if you are concerned about this.

Powys County Council strongly recommends that you do not block any cookies from powys.gov.uk websites, as these are needed for our sites to work well for you.

If you still want to control which cookies you accept, read advice about how to control cookies on your computer (this advice is not endorsed by Powys County Council) 

See a list of Cookies used on this website

Our website contains links to other websites. This privacy policy only applies to this website so when you link to other websites you should read their own privacy policies.

We keep our privacy policy under regular review and we will place any updates on this web page.

This privacy policy was last updated on 14th May 2018.

Nominet Channel Partner T&C’s

Powys County Council ICT Services Department provides a domain name registration service for internal service areas, council funded projects and associated third parties. As a Nominet Channel Partner we are required to publish the following contact details, complaints procedures and terms and conditions for customers

Domain Name registration contact details

Postal Address:  County Hall, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, LD1 5LG

Telephone: 01597 826100

Email: domain.admin@powys.gov.uk


Complaints Procedure

If you wish to complain about the Domain name registration service, please contact ICT Services using one of the contact methods above. Outside of office hours please email us at domain.admin@powys.gov.uk. We will to respond to all points of contact within 1 business day and aim to resolve any issues you have within 5 business days.

If you wish to raise a complaint about abuse you have received (phishing scams, spam emails etc), please contact us at ictsecurity@powys.gov.uk with as much detail as you can about the abuse. We will investigate your complaint within 1 business day.

If you’re not happy with the initial outcome of your complaint, than please feel free to escalate your issue to Nominet (the .uk registry) here: http://www.nominet.org.uk/disputes/complaining-about-registrar/complaints-procedure

Terms and Conditions for Customers

All domains are renewed on a bi-annual basis. ICT Services will issue a confirmation of domain renewal to the registered contact at least 60 days prior to the expiry date. Unless notified in writing or by Email address above, the domain will be renewed on your behalf. ICT Services will ensure all contact details for the registration are updated and correct. If you do not wish to renew a domain please make sure you contact us a minimum of 45 days before your domain expires by emailing us at the above email address.  All domains will be renewed at least 30 days in advance of the domain name expiring.

ICT Services reserves the right to re-charge the cost of Domain registration and renewal. The cost associated with each domain name is £5 bi-annually.

Should any customer wish to transfer their domain name to another Service Provider, ICT Services will recover any costs incurred from the customer.