Level B Training

Level B materials offer a more detailed look at those parts and are designed to help those who will be most affected by the Act implement the change.


Module 1

Introduction and General Functions – This module gives an overview of the Act, as well as Parts 1 and 2. Among the topics covered by the module are preventative services, information, advice and assistance, and the requirement for local authorities and local health boards to work together to undertake a population assessment. It also outlines well-being (which is central to the Act), other overarching duties of the Act and the duty on local authorities to promote social enterprises, co-operatives, third sector and user-led services.

Module 3

Looked After and Accommodated Children – This module looks at Part 6, and relevant sections of Part 11, of the Act. It examines the changes relating to looked after and accommodated children, including care leavers, and the requirement for care providers to promote the well-being, rights and voice of the child.

Module 2

Assessing and Meeting Individual Needs – This module relates to Parts 3 and 4 (as well as relevant aspects of Parts 5 and 11) of the Act, which require local authorities to make significant changes to current assessment and eligibility practice, placing emphasis on providing services that matter to the individual and achieving personal outcomes. 

Module 4

Safeguarding – This module covers Part 7 of the Act, safeguarding. The Act makes clear that safeguarding is everyone’s business and there is a requirement for practitioners in all agencies to recognise and act when they identify children and adults at risk.

Date Location Session Module
7th November 2016 Brecon All day Module 1&2
8th November 2016 Llandrindod All day Module 1&2
16th November 2016 Llandrindod Wells All day Module 1&2
17th November 2016 Llandrindod Wells AM Module 4
24th November 2016 Newtown All day Module 1&2
25th November 2016 Newtown AM Module 4
28th November 2016 Llandrindod Wells AM Module 4