Adult Protection – Working with Adults at Risk of Domestic Abuse and Other Abuse in the Community Training (AP3a)

Course Provider: Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations (PAVO)

Course Administrator: Julie Morris


For participants to be able to work confidently with adults at risk of Domestic abuse i.e. abuse from partners, relatives and household members; to feel confident to “Ask and Act” and work with people to create effective safety plans.  The course will explore the complexities of issues of capacity and consent within the context of coercive control and best practice in person centred safeguarding work The course will cover the use of risk assessment tools such as DASH-RiC and SERAF and when information about an adult at risk must be shared regardless of the views of the person at risk.  It will include awareness of harassment and hate crime and the mechanisms for reporting these crimes.

The course is for practitioners from all partner agencies who may work directly with adults at risk.  The course will explore the role of partner agencies and the importance of working together in adult protection work.  The course will work with case examples and draw on participant’s experience of working with adults at risk.

Participants will leave the course with knowledge of some of the remedies available to adults at risk including when an application for an “Adult Protection and Support Order” should be considered.  They will understand the interface between MARAC and adult protection procedures.  They will have a good knowledge of how the adult protection process can be used to enable adults at risk to achieve the outcomes they want to live safer lives and to make best interest decisions to achieve safety for those who do not have capacity to do this themselves.

Dates and venues are currently being confirmed

Key Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course participants will:

  • Understand the dynamics of abuse within domestic settings
  • Understand the role of other agencies in adult protection work and some of the remedies available to support people to live safer lives
  • Understand the importance of person centred Safeguarding work
  • Understand the impact of coercive control on a person’s mental capacity to make decisions about how to stay safe
  • Be confident to “Ask and Act”
  • Have a knowledge of Harassment and Hate Crime
  • Have a knowledge of risk assessment tools and when to use them
  • Be able to work with a person to make Safety Plans
  • Be familiar with the Wales Interim Policy and Procedures for the Protection of Vulnerable Adults from Abuse particularly in relation to their professional role
  • Have an awareness of the legislative framework affecting choice, capacity and decision making with vulnerable adults
  • Have a greater understanding of autonomy and risk in decision making in relation to vulnerable adults



There is no charge to attend these courses, however a cancellation charge may apply to non-attendance if sufficient notice is not given