Statistics based on a themes such as Health, Crime rates and Population.

The latest National Statistics from the National Survey for Wales for 2016/17 produced by the Welsh Government can be found on the Welsh Government website.

Key Points

Adults who reported eating five or more portions of fruit and vegetables the previous day - 30% (Wales 24%)

Adults who were obese - 19% (Wales 23%)

Adults who reported being a current smoker - 18% (Wales 19%)

Adults who reported being an E-cigarette user - 5% (wales 7%)

Adults who reported weekly alcohol consumption above 14 units - 18% (Wales 20%)

Adults who reported currently being treated for a mental disorder - 5% (Wales 8%)

Adults who reported currently being treated for a respiratory system complaint - 8% (Wales 8%)

Adults who had 2 or more longstanding illnesses - 14% (Wales 14%)

The average Powys adult score in the self-assessment of mental health (0 being the worst, 100 the best) - 52.3 (Wales 20.9) 

Household Estimates

2016 Household Estimates

Private Sector Rents

Rent Officers Wales monitor rents paid in the private rented sector on an annual basis. This information can be used to assess average rent levels within the private rental market in Wales.

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Gypsy's and Travellers

Statistics on the number of Gypsy and Traveller caravans in Wales are produced by the Welsh Government bi-annually.

The latest reports can be found below:

Gypsy and Traveller Caravan Count July 2017