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Our Active Young People team is responsible for the coordination of Dragon Sport and 5x60 in Powys. We are directly involved with schools and clubs, providing support and assistance. The initiative is funded through Sport Wales.

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Dragon Sport is a Sport Wales initiative funded by the National Lottery, designed to offer 7-11 year olds fun and enjoyable sporting opportunities.

Dragon Sport:

  • Has been adapted to suit the players age, size ability, skill level and experience
  • Uses simple rules, smaller equipment and playing areas, plus fun training and coaching
  • Prepares players for the adult game
  • Is safe but still challenging.

Liaising closely with schools and community sports clubs, Dragon Sport is making a dramatic impact on sports participation by encouraging children to become involved in a variety of organised sporting activities.

The scheme broadens the sporting interests of children who already take part in sport and to involve children who currently lack such opportunities outside of their school PE lessons.

Dragon Sport introduces children to coaching, skill development and appropriate competition using versions of the adult game, modified to meet their needs and skill levels.

Eight modified sports are used in the scheme:

  • Rugby
  • Athletics
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Netball
  • Tennis
  • Golf

Whilst the primary focus of Dragon Sport is improving sports provision for 7 - 11 year olds across Wales, Dragon Sport also focuses on recruiting parents and other volunteers as helpers to support the development of after school and community sports clubs. See our page about beoming a sports coach if you would like to get involved.

Your Coordinator can provide step-by-step advice and training to help schools, sports clubs and volunteers deliver Dragon Sport. This help is offered to schools and clubs through a rolling programme, agreed in partnership with local authorities, PE advisors, national governing bodies of sport, schools and other local sporting providers.

Dragon Sport may also be delivered by leisure centres, youth groups, voluntary and uniformed organisations.

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5x60 is a Welsh Assembly Government and Sport Wales initiative aiming to encourage young people to take part in 60 minutes of exercise, 5 times a week.

To achieve this, a 5x60 Officer is based in every secondary school in Wales to oversee the project. The pupils themselves take ownership of the activities on offer in the timetable, and can influence when the activities take place, for example during lunchtimes or after school.

The activities on offer in Powys schools can vary from traditional competitive sports such as football and hockey, to informal recreational activities such as table tennis, badminton and squash. 

Outdoor adventure activities are also available, for example archery, mountain biking, surfing and rock climbing. Holiday periods are also catered for, with Summer Holiday Fun Weeks, Easter Golf Camps and Dance Camps to name just a few.

In addition, the 5x60 Officer recruits older pupils and sixth form students to help deliver sessions. In return for their commitment and dedication to the project, coaching courses are arranged and part funded for them, which allows them to gain valuable experience and vocational qualifications.

Each officer also works to provide as many club links and ongoing opportunities as possible in order to encourage lifelong participation.  

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