Find out about Additional Learning Needs (ALN)

All children learn at different rates and have different events going on in their lives that can help or hinder in that learning.


Those who learn at a slower rate than the majority of their peers across schools, may have an additional learning need. This might be shown in:

  • Reading and writing or maths
  • Emotional difficulties that prevent them settling into school
  • Delays in their language development
  • Physical or medical needs or difficulties with sight and hearing

Any one of these can also lead to problems with the others.

With many children these difficulties are not severe and / or temporary, such as learning a new language. For some however, the challenges they face are going to be with them for some time and need the school, parents, the child/young person and the local authority, (sometimes with other agencies) to work together to plan, implement and review the support they need.

All Powys schools have money in their budgets for ALN and have access to a range of support services, so that they can identify learners who are having difficulties with their learning and provide them with the extra support.





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