Apply for a school place

You may express a preference for admission of your child to any primary, junior or secondary school in Powys.

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When you are choosing a school for your child:

  • Ask for a prospectus for the school for general information. Copies of recent school inspection reports and examination results may also be helpful.
  • Visit the schools you are considering and make a list of questions you want to ask
  • Make sure that you meet the head teacher or deputy and some class teachers
  • Ask about any facilities that would support your child’s interests (e.g. music, sports)
  • For admission arrangements to Foundation and Voluntary Aided
    Primary Schools, see the admissions booklet on this page.
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We operate a catchment area policy. We allocate places up to the school’s admission number without the applying any conditions. However, if the number of applications is greater than the number of places available, oversubscription criteria will be used.

If you want to see which schools are in each catchment area, please look at: Find a school in Powys.

You can find more information on our page about admissions criteria.

Please note: if you choose a school and you’re outside the usual catchment area, you will be responsible for providing transport. The council only provides transport to the nearest school.

You are entitled to appeal a school application decision.





Applying for primary school

Unless you make other acceptable arrangements, your child is required to attend school full-time from the beginning of the term following their fifth birthday. In Powys a child may start school at the beginning of the term in which they turn 4, either part time or full time.

If your child turns 4 between They can start school in
1st September – 31st December Autumn Term
1st January – 31st March SpringTerm
1st April – 31st August Summer Term

Having a place at a nursery or pre-school class does not guarantee a place in the main school at age 4. You will still need to apply for a place in the main school. If you don’t apply for a place, and your preferred school is full, preference will be given to those who have applied.

Applying for junior school

We normally make arrangements for admission to junior schools in the Autumn Term before the date of transfer. Application packs are distributed to the Infant Schools during the Autumn Term.

The headteacher of your child’s infant schools will let you know which junior school the children would normally attend, although you can choose another school if you wish.

Having a place in an infant school does not guarantee a place in the ‘paired’ junior school and the our criteria for school admissions will apply if the demand exceeds the number of places available

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All Powys secondary schools are fully comprehensive and co-educational day schools with an 11 – 18 age range.

We normally make arrangements for admission to secondary schools in the Autumn Term before the date of transfer.

The headteacher of your child’s primary school will let you know which secondary school the children would normally attend, although you can choose another school if you wish.

Pupils must live in the allocation area of the feeder primary school to be in the allocation area of the secondary school. You should keep this in mind as it affects the availability of school transport.




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Every child is entitled to receive up to five terms of part time early years education prior to the start of compulsory education. This is offered in a mixture of funded settings, including Playgroups, Cylch meithrin, schools and day nurseries.

To find your nearest approved setting please see our Early Years Education page.

All approved settings have the direct involvement of a qualified teacher. If the setting of your choice cannot offer the maximum entitlement of 12.5 hours of early years education, you may choose to use the rest of your hours with an alternative provider.



If you wish to transfer your child to a different school at any time (except due to moving house), you should discuss this with the Headteacher of your current school. Then you should approach the Headteacher of your chosen school and discuss the possibility of admission, explaining why you want to change schools.

You will then need to complete an In Year School Admission Request Form, which is at the end of the admissions booklet, available to download under the 'Apply' tab on this page.

If your application for transfer is approved, your child will change schools at the beginning of a term or half term. The transfer will normally be approved, as long as it doesn’t affect the provision of efficient education or the efficient use of resources and is in line with any admission procedures the school has agreed with the council.

Failure to complete each section of the application form fully, including the section for the Headteacher of the outgoing school, will result in the form being returned and will delay the process.

Applications should not be made more than a term in advance. School places cannot be reserved and places are allocated, where possible, close to the date child will attend. Once a school place has been offered the start date should be agreed with the school.

Applications received during school holidays cannot be considered until schools re-open.

We are unable to consider applications until you can give us confirmation of your moving date. A solicitor’s letter to confirm exchange of contracts or a copy of your signed rental agreement may be required to support your application. Please include this with your application if possible.

If your application is due to a move into the UK, you will need to send us a copy of the pupil’s passport, birth certificate, child benefit letter or medical card, along with a copy of your rental agreement or exchange of contracts letter. Please send copies with your application. We may ask you for more evidence.

You may state two preferences on your application form. If we can’t offer a place at your first or second preference, a place will be allocated at the nearest school to your home address with available places.

If your home address changes and you wish to transfer your child to another school, the normal admission process will apply.


For information about Elective Home Education in Powys, including our guidance document, please contact 01597 826431.