Winter gritting

image of a gritter

During severe weather we try to treat as many routes as possible but this will depend on weather conditions and available resources. Sometimes we have to prioritise.

 We are not currently gritting the roads.

When ice or snow are forecast we will publish information on this page about which routes are going to be gritted. We will also tell you what time we expect to do this.



image of a gritter clearing snow

Gritting route maps


If you need medical assistance in an emergency, contact the emergency services by calliing 999. They will contact us if necessary. 

Access to medical treatment/carer?

Call the hospital department, your GP, carer or social services. They will arrange for your appointment to be at a another time or will arrange for you to receive the necessary treatment.

Remember: if our gritters can't get down the road, we can't spread the grit. When  you park, remember to leave a good gap for other vehicles (including fire engines and ambulances) to go down the road.

Why are treated roads sometimes still icy?

Pavements and paths

We won't routinely grit pavements, but when the weather is poor, we may grit busy areas such as main shopping areas and routes to:

  • town centres
  • medical centres 
  • schools 
  • public buildings

Report a hazardous area / empty grit bin

Use our online form  (Opens in a new window)