Tell us about dumped rubbish (fly tipping)

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Fly tipping is defined as the illegal depositing of waste onto any land or highway (with or without the permission of the landowner). It can vary in scale and size from a single bin bag of waste to large scale dumping of construction and demolition waste.

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Fly tipping is in contravention of Section 33 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and can detract from the local environmental quality of an area and can attract and encourage further environmental crime.

The Clean Neighbourhoods Act 2005 has increased the maximum penalty on conviction to £50,000 and / or 12 months imprisonment. Those involved in fly tipping related activities may also be liable to fixed penalty notices of £300.

The Clean Neighbourhoods Act 2005 also gives the Authority powers to order landowners to clear fly-tipped waste from their land or the Authority can enter the land and remove the waste and recover the costs afterwards.