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The law says that if someone dies and there is nobody to make arrangements for their funeral, the council must arrange a funeral for them.

Funeral costs are the first expenses claimed on any estate, and we can collect any money belonging to the deceased to help pay for the funeral.

If the person didn’t leave a will and there are no known next of kin, we will refer the estate, minus our funeral costs, to the Treasury Solicitor, who deals with the estates of people who die with no will and no next of kin.

Although this is quite rare, it does happen from time to time. To the right is a list of people who have died in Powys with no next of kin.

Name Date of Death Referred to Treasury Solicitor
Anita Aubrey 15/02/2008 No
Barbara Irene Pinches 18/07/2008 No
Robert George Howard 14/04/2009 No
Edgar Schattschneider 27/06/2009 No
Nita Dorothy Mary Williams 11/10/2009 No
Brinley Fuge 26/02/2010 No
Emmi Lukowski 01/11/2010 Yes
Michael Roulstone 20/12/2010 No
Mairos Jones 30/01/2011 No
Ronald Evans 25/04/2011 Yes
Trixie Stephanie Jean Martin 01/05/2011 No
Caroline Anne Bailey 11/12/2011 No
Alexander Hunter Sandilands 09/01/2012 No
Kenneth Lawrence Blake 22/01/2012 No
Jennifer Thompson 31/01/2012 No
Simon Parry 13/02/2012 No
Tony Casey 24/03/2012 No
Royston George Bunting 23/05/2012 No
Anthony Fanning 23/05/2012 No
Marion Rees Wilding 03/07/2012 No
Sandra Jean Rowbotham 25/01/2014 No
Audrey Elizabeth Miller 06/06/2014 No
Sandra Irene Woodford 17/10/2014 No
Jean Wilson 30/10/2014 No
Anthony Milsom 16/11/2014 No
Martin James Herbert 10/12/2014 No
Michael Spencer Roberts 11/01/2015 No
Brett Hawkins 08/08/2015 No
Craig William Taylor 27/05/2015 No
Leonard Neville 22/02/2016 No
Romilly Lyndon Brown 04/04/2016 No
Arthur William Bright 24/04/2016 No
Elizabeth Ann Corby 01/06/2016 No
Geoffrey Green-Hughes 17/06/2016 No
Lorraine Ada Swain 19/12/2016 No
Kevin Edward Gorman 06/01/17 No
Susan Marie Scott 04/08/17 No
Arthur Thomas Brian Evans 02/11/17 No
Brian Robert Cook 20/02/18 No
Colin Graham Stevens 3/4/18 No
Ian Robert Hayes 11/5/2018 No
Last updated 13/06/2018    

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