Matters Arising Changes Representations

All duly made LDP representations (comments) on the LDP Matters Arising Changes, September 2017 are available from the links below. To find a comment made by a particular representor (person or organisation) search by the unique representor number. If you do not know your representor number, please refer to the index below.

NB; files with ‘NDM’ in their title are ‘Not Duly Made’.

Representors List

17 Acknowledgement

17 Submission email

17.N1 Rep

78 Acknowledgement

78 Submission email

78.N1 rep form

78.N2 rep form

78.N3 rep form

78.N4 rep form

78.N5 rep form

78.N6 rep form

131 Acknowledgement

131 Submission email

131.N1 to N6 Part Not Duly Made

505 Acknowledgement 2

505 Acknowledgement

505 Submission email 2

505 Submission email

505.N1 rep form

505.N2 rep form

505.N3 rep form

505.N4 rep form

514 Acknowledgement

514 Submission email 2

514 Submission email

514.N1 Rep Mac 123 second copy

514.N2 Rep Mac 67

514.N3 Mac 124

514.N4 Mac 123

525 Acknowledgement

525.N1 Rep

1084 Acknowledgement

1084 Letter

1084 Submission email

1481 Acknowledgement

1481 Submission email and Rep

1552 Acknowledgement

1552 Submission email 1

1552 Submission email 2

1552.N1 rep

1933 Acknowledgement

1933 Submission email

1933.N1 Rep

2213.N1 Rep and Acknowledgement

2420 Acknowledgement

2420 Clarification email

2420 Submission email

2420.N1 and N2 Rep

2757 Acknowledgement

2757 Submission email

2757.N1 Rep

3822 Acknowledgement

3822.N1 Rep form

3822.N2 Rep form

4349 Acknowledgement

4349 Submission email

4349.N1 Rep

4349.N2 Rep

4349.N3 Rep

4349.N4 Rep

4349.N5 Rep

5200 5201 1612 Acknowledgement

5200 5201 1612 Submission email

5200 5201 1612.N1 Rep

5449 Acknowledgement

5449.N1 Rep form

5466 Acknowledgement

5466 Rep number Clarification email 1

5466 Rep number Clarification email 2

5466 Submission email 0

5466 Submission email 1

5466 Submission email 2

5466 Submission email 3

5466 Submission email 4

5466 Submission email 5

5466.N1 MAC5 Tourism

5466.N10 MAC38 Hist Env

5466.N11 MAC137 Hist Env

5466.N12 MAC35 Offas Dyke

5466.N13 MAC37 Offas Dyke

5466.N14 MAC41Biodiversity

5466.N15 MAC43 Biodiversity

5466.N16 MAC35 Carbon soils

5466.N17 MAC62 Carbon soils

5466.N18 MAC68 Carbon soils

5466.N19 MAC35 Landscape and SLAs

5466.N2 MAC22 Tourism

5466.N20 MAC36 Landscape and SLAs

5466.N21 MAC47 Landscape and SLAs

5466.N22 MAC48 Landscape and SLAs

5466.N23 MAC42 A Intensive poultry policy

5466.N23 MAC42 Appendix A Intensive Poultry Units

5466.N23 MAC42 Appendix B NRW remit 2015

5466.N24 MAC42 Appendix A Intensive Poultry Units

5466.N24 MAC42 Appendix B NRW remit 2015

5466.N24 MAC85 Intensive poultry

5466.N25 MAC121 ADs and Biomass

5466.N26 MAC122 ADs and Biomass

5466.N3 MAC38 Tourism

5466.N30 MAC123 A Renewable energy



5466.N31 MAC124 A Renewable energy



5466.N4 MAC62 Tourism

5466.N5 MAC63 Tourism

5466.N6 MAC7 Env Act Wales

5466.N7 MAC7 Hist Env

5466.N8 MAC35 Hist Env

5466.N9 MAC37 Hist Env

5466.N27 Not Duly Made

5466.N28 Not Duly Made

5466.N29 Not Duly Made

5695 Acknowledgement

5695 Submission email 1 Rep later retracted

5695 Submission email 2

5695.N1 rep

5939 Acknowledgement

5939 Submission email 1

5939 Submission email 2

5939.N1 MAC82 Rep

5939.N2 MAC119 Rep

6160 Acknowledgement

6160 Resubmission email

6160 Submission email 1

6160.N1 MAC138

6160.N2 MAC36

6160.N3 MAC84

6160.N4 MAC85

6160.N6 MAC123

6160.N7 MAC124 Appendix 1

6160.N7 MAC124 Appendix 2

6160.N7 MAC124 Appendix 2a

6160.N7 MAC124

6160.N8 to N11 MAC131

6160.N5 Not Duly Made

6193 Acknowledgement

6193 Rep number clarification email 1

6193 Rep number clarification email 2

6193 Submission email

6193.N1 Map

6193.N1 Rep

6315 Acknowledgement

6315 Submission email

6315.N1 to N15 Rep Letter

6322 Acknowledgement

6322.N1 Rep

6323 Acknowledgement

6323 Submission email

6323.N1 Rep

6424 Acknowledgement

6424 Submission email

6424.N1 Rep form

6424.N1 Representation Statement

6424.N2 Not Duly Made

6533 Acknowledgement

6533 Submission email

6533.N1 Rep

6626 Acknowledgement

6626.N1 Rep

6639 Acknowledgement

6639 Submission letter

6639.N1 Rep

6639.N1 Supporting Evidence

6639.N2 N3NDM N4 N5NDM N6NDM Rep

6656 Acknowledgement

6656 Submission email

6656.N1 Rep MAC M9

6656.N2 Rep MAC M10

6656.N3 Rep MAC M12

6727 Submission email 1

6727 Acknowledgement

6727 Submission email 2

6727.N1 Rep MAC123

6727.N2 Rep MAC124

6758 Acknowledgement

6758 Resubmission email

6758 Submission email

6758.N1NDM and N2

6771 Acknowledgement

6771 Submission email

6771.N1 Rep MAC109

6771.N2 Rep MAC111

6771.N3 Rep MAC112

6771.N4 Rep MAC113

6771.N5 Not Duly Made

6800 Acknowledgement

6800 Spreadsheet for Rep N1 to 12

6800 Submission email

6800.N1 to N12

6816 Acknowledgement

6816.N1 to N6 Part Not Duly Made

6847 Acknowledgement

6847 Submission Email

6847.N1 N2 Rep Form

6847.N1 N2 Rep

6858 Acknowledgement

6858 Submission email MAC112

6858 Submission email MAC138

6858.N3 Rep MAC112

6858.N4 Rep MAC138

6858.N1 Not Duly Made

6858.N2 Not Duly Made

6859 Acknowledgement

6859 Submission email

6859.N1 Rep MAC3

6859.N2 Rep MAC45

6859.N3 Rep MAC62

6859.N4 Rep MAC123 1

6859.N5 Rep MAC123 2

6859.N6 Rep MAC124 1

6859.N7 Not Duly Made

6889 Acknowledgement

6889 Submission email

6889.N1 Rep MAC123

6959 Acknowledgement

6959 Submission email

6959.N1 N2 N3 Rep

6964 Acknowledgement

6964 Submission email

6964.N1 Rep

6977 1st Acknowledgement

6977 2nd Acknowledgement and request for clarification

6977 Clarification email from Cllr Weale re Non support

6977 Clarification of Rep Supporters email

6977 Individual Submission email

6977 Joint Reps Submission email

6977 Representor signature page

6977.N1 N2 and N3 Joint Rep MACs 62 92 95

6977.N4 Individual Rep MAC123

7015 Acknowledgement

7015 Submission email

7015.N1 to N4 Reps

7043 Acknowledgement

7043 email 0

7043 email 1

7043 email 2

7043 email 3

7043.N1 attachment

7043.N1 to N4 letter

7043.N1 to N4 rep

7043.N2 Map 1

7043.N2 Resubmitted Map 2

7053.N1 Submission email Acknowledgement and Rep

7054 Acknowledgement

7054 Submission email 1

7054 Submission email 2

7054.N1 Rep

7055 Acknowledgement

7055.N1 Rep letter

7057 Acknowledgement

7057 Submission email


7060 Acknowledgement

7060 Submission email

7060.N1 MAC24

7060.N2 Not Duly Made

7060.N3 Not Duly Made

7060.N4 Not Duly Made

7060.N5 Not Duly Made

7060.N6 Not Duly Made

7060.N7 Not Duly Made