LDP Examination documents


Documents and correspondence prepared and submitted in relation to the LDP Examination.



Examination Documents (ED)

ED001 Letter to Council re Exploratory Meeting (Insp 5.4.16)

ED002 Letter to Representors re Exploratory Meeting (PO 6.4.16)

ED003 Correspondence between Council & Inspector re Provisional Action Plan: 

ED004 REVISED Agenda for Exploratory Meeting on 10.5.16

ED005 Inspector’s further letter to Council re Exploratory Meeting (6.5.16)  

ED006 Note of Exploratory Meeting on 10.5.16 (Insp. 25.05.16)

ED007 Inspector’s letter to Council following the EM (25.05.16)

ED008 Additional work item 1 (LDP26): 

ED009 Council’s Progress Report to Inspector (June 2016)

ED010 Council's Progress Report to Inspector (July 2016)

ED011 Council's Notice of Progress Meeting on 15 September 2016 (18.8.16)

ED012 Agenda for Progress Meeting on 15 September 2016 (Inspector 18.8.16)

ED013 Council's Progress Report to Inspector (August 2016)

ED014 Welsh Government Position Statement on Powys LDP Examination (12.9.16) 

ED015 Index of Additional Work submitted as part of Powys LDP Evidence Base (September 2016)

ED016 Note of Progress Meeting on 15.9.16 (Council/Insp, Sep 2016)

ED017 Council’s Progress Report to Inspector (September 2016)

ED018 Further Focussed Changes consultation documents (Oct 2016): please see Core/LDP Documents - LDP36 to LDP42 

ED019 Correspondence between Mr Hope, Mr Gurden & Inspector re FFC consultation, EB38 Transport doc & evidence base:

ED020 Application of Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 Note (WG, 17.11.16) 

ED021 Correspondence between Inspector and Council re PPW 9 & Planning (Wales) Act 2015: 

ED022 Letter of Introduction & Notice of Pre-Hearing Meeting to all Representors (PO, 7.12.16) 

ED023 Guidance Notes for Participants (Inspector, 28.12.16)  

ED024 Council's Notice of Pre-Hearing Meeting & Hearings (January 2017) 

ED025 Agenda for Pre-Hearing Meeting on 07.02.17 (Inspector 31.01.17)

ED026 Correspondence between Tina Douglass on behalf of CPRW, and Inspector re PHM: 

ED027 Council's Responses to Inspector's queries / requests for additional info:

ED028 DRAFT Hearings Timetable & Programme (Inspector, UPDATED 22 JUNE 2017)

ED029 Inspector's Matters & Issues Agendas for the Hearing Sessions:

ED030 Note of Pre-Hearing Meeting on 07.02.17 (Inspector 09.02.17)

ED031 Statement of Common Ground between Dwr Cymru Welsh Water (DCWW) and Powys County Council REVISED March 2017 

ED032 Participants Further Statements (and associated documents):

ED033 Correspondence from and to Ms Rosemary Watton re FFC representations concerns:

ED034 Email correspondence from and to CPRW re FFC representations: 

ED035 CPRW email correspondence re Renewable Energy Session 15:  

ED036 Correspondence re additional evidence & Renewable Energy Session 15: 

ED037 Household projections for Wales update (WG, March 2017) 

ED038 Council's Opening Statement 28.03.17

ED039 Action Points arising from Hearing Sessions (live documents): 

ED040 Statement of Common Ground between ALERT Activities & PCC re allocated site P58 HA9 dated 29.03.17

ED041 Council's additional paper for Session 4 in response to Inspector's Q.5e (03.04.17) 

ED042 Requested Information on Affordable Rural Dwellings in Rural Settlements for Hearing Session 4 (PCC, April 2017)

ED043-44 Audio recording of Sessions 6 & 7 at bottom of page 

ED045 Update on planning permissions granted for residential units since the base date of the plan (01/04/2015) - AP3.5 (PCC April 2017)  SEE UPDATES BELOW:

ED046 Requested Position Statement on the release of the Welsh Government’s 2014-based Household Projections - AP3.1 (PCC April 2017) 

ED047 An analysis of the scale of housing growth within Welsh Speaking Strongholds - AP2.8 (PCC April 2017)

ED048 Update on the figures of empty properties and empty homes strategy - AP3.2 (PCC April 2017)

ED049 Updated housing trajectory - AP3.4 (PCC April 2016)

ED050 Position Statement on the planning and JHLAS history of site P48 HC5 - AP3.6 (PCC April 2017) 

ED051 BBNPA LDP site plan showing P21 MUA1 - AP10.1 (AB Planning, April 2017) 

ED052 Audio recording of Session 11 at bottom of page 

ED053 Map of Elan estate and its relationship to Ceredigion (North Uplands) SLA - AP11.1 (Welsh Water Elan Trust, April 2017) 

ED054 Requested Information on Affordable Housing in Small Villages (PCC, May 2017) 

ED055 CPRW Statement re SLA's in Monmouthshire's adopted LDP - AP11.2 (CPRW, May 2017) 

ED056 Results of viability testing of a 4 unit threshold carried out by DVS - AP4.8 (PCC, May 2017) 

ED057 Llangynog P34 HA1 Flood Risk Scoping Study - AP9.2 (Waterco, May 2017) 

ED058 Revised strategy section relating to various AP's (PCC, Amended July 2017) 

ED059 Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Assessment, 2017 (AECOM)

ED060 Powys Renewable Energy Assessment: Landscape Sensitivity Study for Solar Farm Development, 2017 (Enplan) 

ED061 Renewable Energy Position Statement, May 2017 (PCC)

ED062 Review of approach to archaeology and Offa’s Dyke in the LDP - AP11.4 (PCC)

ED063 Welsh Government letter regarding statutory guidance on the compilation and use of Historic Environment Records - AP11.9 (WG, April 2017) 

ED064 Email correspondence between CPRW and Inspector re Renewable Energy Session 15 (May 2017)  

ED065 Implications of the Dyfi Biosphere Reserve on the land use planning system - AP11.6 (CPRW, May 2017) 

ED066 The evidence for and a policy approach to Carbon Soils in Powys - AP11.7 (CPRW, May 2017)

ED067 Redraft of Policy DM3: Landscape - AP11.3 (CPRW, May 2017)  

ED068 The Protection of Powys' Undeveloped Coast - AP11.4 (CPRW, May 2017) 

ED069 CPRW Powys suggested policy on agriculture / intensive livestock units  - AP11.16 (May 2017)

ED070 Suggested routes for Inspector submitted by Mrs J Lee-Tappin – 331 (June 2017): 

ED071 Updated overview to LANDMAP (NRW, June 2017) 

ED072 New Technical Advice Note (TAN) 24: The Historic Environment and accompanying guidance: 

ED073 Statement of Common Ground between PCC and Mineral Products Association agreed 26 May 2017 - AP7.1 & AP7.5

ED074 Statement of Common Ground between PCC and Defence Infrastructure Organisation agreed 15 June 2017 

ED075-76 No audio recording of Sessions 15A & 15B as objection received.

ED077 Audio recording of Session 16 at bottom of page. 

ED078 Statement of Common Ground between PCC, Scottish Power and Western Power Distribution agreed 26 June 2017, and email from SPEN confirming capacity limitations 

ED079 Checking of Statutory Environmental Constraints and Solar Local Search Areas (June 2017): 

ED080 Cymraeg 2050: Welsh language strategy (Welsh Government, July 2017)

ED081 Machynlleth - Gypsy and Traveller Site: Decision Notice for Full Planning Permission granted 1 August 2017

ED082 Email correspondence between Inspector and Council re HRA REvisions to Policy DM2 (Aug-Sep 2017)  

ED083 Matters Arising Changes Consultation Documents:  

ED084 Email correspondence between Council and Inspector re HRA - Appendix 3 changes to LDP (Sep 2017) 

ED085 Council email re update on ASN76 discussed at HS13 (13.9.17) 

ED086 CPRW letter to Inspector re MAC consultation which includes a reference table for locating the proposed Solar LSAs in the Matters Arising Changes (Proposals Maps) and the Landscape Sensitivity Study [ED060] (9.10.17) 

ED087 TAN20 CPO letter and update (October 2017):  

ED088 Matters & Issues Agenda for HS19 - Renewable Energy on 10 Jan 2018 

ED089 Email from Council responding to Inspector's query on historic assets 2.11.17 

ED090  Flood constraint map for Former Kays Foundry Site: P51 MUA1 with TAN 15 DAM C2 (23.11.17)

ED091 Link to Matters Arising Changes Representations (27.11.17)en/planning-building-control/local-development-plan/ldp-stages/matters-arising-changes-representations/

ED092 Council's Consultation Report updated December 2017 & Appendix 6 (including responses to MAC representations - see page 90 onwards and Appendix 6) 

ED093 Participants' & Council's Further Statements (and associated documents) for Renewable Energy Hearing Session 19 on 10 January 2018

ED094 Council response to Inspector query re Provision Of Agricultural Land Classification Information 21.12.17 

ED095 Comparative table showing Agricultural Land Classification stats referred to in HS19 statement by Mr Sinclair [HS19-6859] (9.1.18) 

ED096 Inspector's Report (March 2018):

ED097 Adopted Powys Local Development Plan, April 2018 




ED043 Powys LDP Examination - Hearing Session 6 audio file part 1

ED043 Powys LDP Examination - Hearing Session 6 audio file part 2

ED044 Powys LDP Examination - Hearing Session 7 audio file

ED052 Powys LDP Examination - Hearing Session 11 audio file. Part 1

ED052 Powys LDP Examination - Hearing Session 11 audio file. Part 2

ED052 Powys LDP Examination - Hearing Session 11 audio file. Part 3

ED077 Powys LDP Examination – Hearing Session 16 (29 June 2017): audio file