LDP Examination

Examination Library


A full, unredacted, paper set of all Deposit, Focussed Changes and Further Focussed Changes representations can be viewed at The Gwalia by appointment with the Programme Officer. The four Deposit Locations (The Gwalia, County Hall, Neuadd Brycheiniog and Neaudd Maldwyn) also have paper copies of the Consultation Report (LDP26) which includes appendices summarising the representations and the Council's responses. Electronic copies of the representations are available on request from the Programme Officer.

Core Documents 

Documents and guidance prepared and/or referred to in relation to the LDP (including the Council's evidence base and submission documents).

Examination Documents 

Documents and correspondence prepared and submitted in relation to the Examination. 

Hearings Timetable & Statements 

Hearing sessions timetable & programme, statements and associated documents. 



Planning Inspector

Following formal acceptance of the submitted Powys Local Development Plan ('LDP'), the Ministers of the Welsh Government have appointed Planning Inspector Nicola Gulley MA MRTPI to conduct the independent Examination to assess the soundness of the LDP.  Following completion of the Examination, the Inspector will issue a Report for the Council giving recommendations for action which will be binding on the Council who must accept the changes recommended by the Inspector. 

Programme Officer

The Examination process will be administered by the Programme Officer Tracey Smith who is independent of the Council and will work under the direction of the Inspector.  All communications / enquiries regarding the Examination (including correspondence for the Inspector) should be addressed to the Programme Officer using the following contact details. 

Contact Details

Email: tracey.smith@Powys.gov.uk

Tel: 07919396609

Website: www.powys.gov.uk/ldpexamination

Address for correspondence

LDP Programme Office, Room 12, The Gwalia, Ithon Road, Llandrindod Wells, Powys LD1 6AA


Venue for Hearings Sessions:

Media Resource Centre (MRC Wales Ltd.), Oxford Road, Llandrindod Wells, Powys LD1 6AH

Latest News

17 April 2018: Powys Local Development Plan adopted.

16 March 2018: Inspector's Report 

Following the conclusion of the Examination in Public of the Powys LDP, the Council has received the Inspector’s Report which can be read below. Copies will be placed in the four main Council offices and in all Powys public libraries. All interested persons / parties will be notified.

The Report will be submitted to a meeting of Powys County Council on 17th April 2018 to seek its resolution to adopt the LDP, as amended in line with the recommendations in the Inspector’s Report. On its adoption, the LDP will become operative and the Council will notify all interested persons / parties. On the day of adoption, a six week period will commence to allow possible challenges to be made to the validity of the LDP in accordance with Section 113 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.

ED096 Inspector's Report (March 2018):


16 January 2018: Hearings concluded

The scheduled hearings for the Powys LDP Examination have now concluded.  The Inspector will submit her report to the Council for fact checking by 28 February 2018. Please see the 'Current Position' section of the Council's LDP page for the next steps.


15 December 2017:

ED093 Participants' & Council's Further Statements (and associated documents) for Renewable Energy Hearing Session 19 on 10 January 2018.

ED092 Council's Consultation Report updated December 2017 & Appendix 6 (including responses to MAC representations - see page 90 onwards and Appendix 6) 


27 November 2017: 

ED091 Link to Matters Arising Changes Representations


November 2017 - Additional Renewable Energy Hearing: 10 January 2018 at 10:00

The Inspector has now had the opportunity to consider the representations made in relation to the Council's Matters Arising Changes consultation. A number of the representations raise issues in respect of the revised renewable energy evidence base and Policy RE 1. These issues are, in her opinion, fundamental to the soundness of the Plan and, as a consequence, she has decided to hold a further hearing session on the 10th January 2018 at 10:00 to discuss these matters in more detail. The Session will be be held at the Media Resource Centre (MRC Wales Ltd.), Oxford Road, Llandrindod Wells, Powys LD1 6AH. 

A matters and issues agenda for the session has now been published as ED088 and invited participants have been notified. 

Session 19: Wed 10 January 2018 - RENEWABLE ENERGY 


October 2017 - CPRW letter re solar LSAs

ED086 CPRW letter to Inspector re MAC consultation which includes a reference table for locating the proposed Solar LSAs in the Matters Arising Changes (Proposals Maps) and the Landscape Sensitivity Study [ED060] (9.10.17) 


September 2017 - Matters Arising Changes consultation

Comments on the forthcoming MAC consultation should be made directly to the LDP team – please see the LDP webpage for further details. Please note that following the close of this consultation, should the Inspector consider further hearing sessions are necessary they will be held during the week commencing the 7th January 2018.   All registered representors will be notified of the ongoing examination process.  


August 2017

The scheduled hearing sessions 1-18 of the examination were concluded on 21 July 2017.  In the light of matters arising from the hearings, the Council is currently preparing a Matters Arising Changes (MAC) Schedule which will be subject to a period of formal public consultation and is anticipated to run from 19 September to 30 October 2017. 


July 2017

MATTERS ARISING CHANGES - Session 18: 21 July 2017

Please note that this session is a meeting between the Council and Inspector to discuss the process and consultation arrangements for the Matters Arising Changes (MAC) Schedule - the contents will not be discussed.  Welsh Government will attend to advise on procedural matters.  The MAC Schedule will be made available for public consultation in due course.


June 2017


Due to the high number of confirmed participants, the Inspector has decided that, in order to ensure thorough consideration of the relevant matters and issues, it will be necessary to hold duplicate renewable energy hearing sessions.

The duplicate sessions will be held between 9.30am and 4.30pm, on the 27th and 28th June 2017 at the New Life Church, Spa Road East, Llandrindod LD1 5ES.

The relevant hearing session webpages provide details of the participants and their allocated session. Please note that whilst representors will only be able to participate at their allocated session, everyone is welcome to attend both duplicate sessions to observe the proceedings.  If you are unable to attend your allocated session, I would be grateful if you could contact me as a matter of urgency to discuss alternative arrangements.

Renewable Energy Hearing Session 15A on 27 June 2017

Renewable Energy Hearing Session 15B on 28 June 2017 

ED028 DRAFT Hearings Timetable & Programme (Inspector, UPDATED 22 JUNE 2017)



PLEASE NOTE – The following Renewable Energy material will be discussed at the forthcoming Renewable Energy Hearing Sessions.  Any proposed changes to the LDP which arise from these discussions, or discussions at earlier Hearing Sessions, will form part of the Proposed Matters Arising Changes which will be subject to a formal 6 week public consultation during late summer/early autumn 2017.  Representations in relation to the Proposed Matters Arising Changes matters should be made during the consultation period.  Any unsolicited correspondence received outside the consultation period will be returned.  

The Council’s Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Assessment, 2017 (ED059) and Powys Renewable Energy Assessment: Landscape Sensitivity Study for Solar Farm Development, 2017 (ED060) have now been published, together with their Renewable Energy Position Statement, May 2017 (ED061) which sets out their proposed changes to the renewable energy policy and includes changes to the local search areas for wind and solar power: 

ED059 Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Assessment, 2017 (AECOM)

ED060 Powys Renewable Energy Assessment: Landscape Sensitivity Study for Solar Farm Development, 2017 (Enplan) 

ED061 Renewable Energy Position Statement, May 2017 (PCC) 



Following the recent International Cyber Incident, the restrictions on external emails to Powys County Council email addresses have now been lifted.  If you sent an email to the LDP Programme Officer between Saturday 13 and Wednesday 17 May 2017, please can you re-send it as it would have been blocked/deleted from the server.


Following the Pre-Hearing Meeting (PHM) held on Tuesday 7 February 2017, the Hearing Sessions will commence on Tuesday 28 March 2017 for a period of 7 weeks with breaks. Details of the programme are available via the Hearings Timetable & Statements link on the left or via the ED028 Draft Hearings Timetable & Programme document.

Invited Participants should confirm their attendance with the Programme Officer by email: tracey.smith@powys.gov.uk or telephone 07919396609 as soon as possible.  Anyone wishing to attend the hearings as an observer is also advised to give the Programme Officer advance notice.

Participants should also familiarise themselves with ED023 Guidance Notes for Participants (Inspector, 28.12.16)  and if submitting statements in response to ED029 Inspector’s Matters & Issues Agendas, ensure they are submitted by the deadlines provided in the ED028 Draft Hearings Timetable & Programme document, and in accordance with Section 9 of the ED023 Guidance Notes.

Relevant correspondence and documents relating to the examination process can be found on the Examination Documents section of the website.

Examination Process

The Hearing Sessions of the Examination will usually commence 12-16 weeks after an Inspector has been appointed and may last up to 4-5 weeks with one or two breaks.

A Pre-Hearing Meeting (PHM) may be held approximately 8-10 weeks after formal acceptance of submission if the Inspector considers it necessary and may include discussion on any issues identified as requiring further investigation during the Examination. The content and merits of the Plan and the representations will not be discussed at the PHM.

The Inspector may call an Exploratory Meeting shortly after submission if he or she has issues requiring further investigation before proceeding with the Examination.

After the Hearings have been formally closed, the Examination remains open until the Inspector's Report is submitted to the Council. 

Examination Timetable

Submission of LDPJanuary 2016
Exploratory Meeting10 May 2016
Six month suspensionMay to November 2016
Pre-Hearing Meeting7 February 2017 
Hearings commence28 March 2017
Inspector's report anticipated28 February 2018 (Fact check)