Local development plan

The Powys LDP covers all of Powys except for those parts of the county located within the Brecon Beacons National Park. It plans up to 2026 and sets out the Council's strategy for the sustainable development of the area.

Stages of the LDP process

Timetable & community involvement scheme

Candidate sites

LDP Submission 2016

LDP Examination 2016-17

Adopted LDP 2018

Current Position

(last updated 17th October 2018)

Following the conclusion of the Examination in Public of the Powys LDP and the receipt of the Inspector’s Report, the Council adopted the LDP on the 17th April 2018 and it became operative immediately.

Copies of the adopted LDP, the Adoption Statement and all other accompanying documents including the Inspector’s Report can be found here.

The Affordable Housing, Biodiversity & Geodiversity and Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Guidance was approved and adopted by the Council on the 9th October 2018 and is available here.

To receive information and up-dates on the LDP please email ldp@powys.gov.uk or phone 01597 82600 and ask for the Planning Policy Team.