Supplementary planning guidance (SPG)


The Powys UDP has been replaced by the Powys LDP which was adopted on 17th April 2018. The LDP provides the policy framework for guiding new development in Powys (excluding the area of the Brecon Beacons National Park). New SPG is being prepared to support the LDP (see Appendix 2 of the LDP Written Statement) but until it has been adopted some existing UDP SPG has been carried forward and will continue to be a material consideration in planning decisions – see tabs below.

The Council has reviewed the Designing Energy Efficient Development (DEED) IDCG (2008) to comply with the Welsh government’s Ministerial Interim Planning Policy Statement 01/2009 – Planning for Sustainable Buildings (MIPPS 01/09).

DEED will continue to apply to the following development types which are not covered by MIPPS 01/09. These include:

  •  householder applications (DEED development type D)
  •  non residential development with a site area less than 1000 square metres (DEED development type F).

 Changes from 1 September 2009

DEED no longer applied to fresh planning applications (not reserved matters) for:

  • applications for five or more new residential units (DEED development type C), and;
  • applications for non residential development with a site area of 1000 square metres or more (DEED development type F).

Changes from 1st September 2010

DEED no longer applied to fresh planning applications (not reserved matters) proposing new residential units (DEED development types A & B).


Best practice documents from the Energy Savings Trust website referred to in the Draft IDCG. 

This IDCG has been approved for development control use. It sets out which areas of residential land allocation B4 HA2 in Bronllys should come forward to meet the UDP's residential land requirements.

B4 HA2 Bronllys vision

The Council has prepared a development brief for a site known as Bryn-y-groes, which has been allocated for housing in the Powys Unitary Development Plan.

The final Bryn-y-groes Development Brief was approved for development control use as Interim Development Control Guidance (IDCG) on Tuesday 16 June 2009 and is available below:

Bryn-y-groes Development Brief (June 2009)

The draft Bryn-y-groes Development Brief was subject to a six week public consultation between 2 March and 14 April 2009. During the public consultation period, three comments on the draft Development Brief were received. These comments, and the Council's responses to them are available below:

PCC Response to comments on Draft Development Brief 

For further information on the status of development brief, please see the Newsletter provided via the link below:

Bryn-y-groes Newsletter 03

The SPG documents are taken into account when decisions are made on planning applications.