Dangerous structures

Buildings may become dangerous due to old age, deterioration, severe weather, settlement or vandalism. Sometimes there are more dramatic causes like fire, explosion or being hit by a vehicle.

What will Building Control do?

When the Building Control surveyor arrives on site, they will examine the building and decide how dangerous it is and what needs to be done to keep people safe. They may ask a contractor to take immediate action to either remove the building or make it safe.

In less serious cases the Building Control surveyor would have the premises secured to keep people out. They would then contact the owner to discuss how s/he could rectify the situation. If the owner doesn’t deal with the danger, we would take action in the Magistrates’ Court leading to the owner(s) being ordered to carry out the necessary work and be fully responsible for all the costs involved. We would do the work if the owner is unwilling to do it themselves.

The council’s procedures for dealing with dangerous structures are set down in the Building Act 1984, and if a building or structure is a danger to the public, the Building Control Section will make it safe.

Report a Dangerous Structure