Private Hire Vehicle Licences

Private hire vehicles must be licensed by the council and once they are licensed, they must be booked through a licensed private hire vehicle operator. The back of these vehicles display a yellow plate with black lettering.


Once licensed, a private hire vehicle is always a private hire vehicle until the licence expires. Even if the vehicle is used for social and domestic use it may only be driven by a private hire vehicle driver licensed by the same council that licenses the vehicle.

Before a vehicle is licensed it must pass an MOT test to ensure its safety. We ensure the vehicle is suitable and adequately insured. High standards of safety are expected and complaints are investigated.

We do not set fares and anyone hiring a private hire vehicle should agree the fare before starting a journey.

You will need to make an appointment to submit your application and vehicle documents (insurance etc.) also present the vehicle for licensing, please contact us.

Application form

You will be charged a fee for these licences.

Licence fees and charges