Public registers of licences

You can view a number of registers held by the council.  The registers are public documents which we must make available to you by law.

Local Authority Pollution Prevention Control (LAPPC)

Environmental Protection (Applications, Appeals and Register) Regulations 1991.  Charges apply

Local Authority Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (LAIPPC) A2 permits

Pollution Prevention & Control (England & Wales) Regulations 2000

Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) A1 Permits

Pollution Prevention & Control (England & Wales) Regulations 2000

Waste Management Licences 

Licences and information regarding the treatment, keeping or disposal of controlled waste. Environment Act 1995

Contaminated Land

Contaminated Land (Wales) Regulations 2001

Private Water Supplies

Private Water Supplies Regulations 1991

Stray Dogs

Environmental Protection (Stray Dogs) Regulations 1992

Register of:

  • Closing Orders
  • Demolition Orders
  • Undertakings not to Re-let

List of streets which are highways maintainable at the public expense

Highways Act 1980 S.36(6)

Street works register

New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 S.53 (as amended by the Traffic Management Act 2006)


Call charges

To view a register

Use the contact details on this page to ask to view a register or to ask us to provide you with an extract or a copy. 

Charges apply for extracts of the LAPPC register.

Licence fees and charges