Non-medicinal poisons licences

Poison bottle - dangerous substances licences

Certain household products, including cleaning chemicals and garden chemicals, contain substances that we call ‘non-medicinal poisons’.

It is illegal to sell poisons unless you are a retail pharmacist or have your name on our list of those entitled to sell poisons (a listed seller). Listed sellers must only sell from the premises named on the list.

Listed sellers must not sell poisons which are included in Part I of the Poisons List – these may only be sold by a pharmacist. A listed seller or their named deputy is allowed to sell the poisons named in Part II of the Poisons List subject to certain conditions.

Each listed seller must keep a Poisons Book which records every sale of poison before delivery to the purchaser.

Application forms

You can get an application form from us using the contact details on this page.  Please complete the form and return it with the fee to the area licensing office.

Listed sellers will be charged a yearly fee.

Licence fees and charges


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