Gambling and lottery licences

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As the council is a licensing authority, the Gambling Act 2005 requires us to prepare, consult on and publish a Statement of Gambling Policy, setting out how we will manage the licensing of local gambling premises.

We issue various permits, including permits for small society lotteries, notifications for gaming machines in pubs and clubs, betting shops and family entertainment centres. 

Our policy will give you more information, or please contact your local office.

Please visit the Gambling Commission website to see their guidance to Local Authorities.


A lottery is a kind of gambling which has 3 essential ingredients:

  • You have to pay to enter the game
  • There is always at least one prize
  • Prizes are awarded purely by chance – there is no skill involved.

Typical examples are raffles, sweepstakes or 100 clubs.

  • All tickets must be the same price and the price must be stated on the ticket.

  • Each ticket must bear the name of the society running the lottery.

  • At least 20% of the proceeds must go to fund raising.  Costs can be claimed which would cover prizes and expenses up to 80% of sales.

Note to societies applying for registration:

The application will be refused if in the period of five years ending with the date of the application:

(a) an operating licence held by the society has been revoked under section 119(1) of the Gambling Act 2005, or

(b) an application for an operating licence made by the society has been refused.

The application may be refused if the local authority think that:

(a) the society is not a commercial society,

(b) a person who will or may be connected with the promotion of the lottery has been convicted of a relevant offence, or

(c) information provided in or with the application is false or misleading

Please note:

Once an application for Registration is approved, an Annual Fee of £20 must be paid within the period of two months which ends immediately before each anniversary of the registration

Application Form

In order to run a lottery, you must apply for registration.  You can do this via the form below.

Please note that fees will apply.

Download Guidance Notes

    Details of Society applying for registration

    General information about person applying on behalf of society:

    Contact details for correspondence associated with this application


  5. Please complete the following declaration and checklist:
  6. We will phone you to take payment of the registration fee of £40
  7. Click the button below to review & check your form then click 'Confirm' on the next page.


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