Renew a library book

Image of an ink stamp

You can keep your account up-to-date and avoid fines by renewing your library books before they are due back – you can do this by taking them to the library, by telephone or online. If necessary, you may do this up to 6 times before returning your books, as long as nobody else has requested them.  Follow the instructions below to renew a book. Do not use the 'Sign In' button at the top of this page.

Renew online

To renew online, have your library card handy and enter your card number on the My Account/Renew Loans page of our Library Catalogue.


Help logging in to renew a book

To renew a book you will be asked to login. To login you will need your library card number (bar code), and a PIN.

What is your PIN?

If you joined the library before July 2014, your PIN will be the last 4 digits of the phone number we have for you.

If you are a new joiner (or if you haven’t previously given us your phone number), your PIN will be: ‘changeme’.

Using your PIN

  1. A screen with 2 boxes will appear labelled: 'Your Barcode' and 'PIN'
  2. Enter the number below the barcode on the back of your library card – be sure to leave out any spaces
  3. Enter your PIN (If you don't know what your PIN is, try the last 4 digits of your phone number or the word: 'changeme')
  4. After a successful login you will be able to continue

If your PIN doesn't work (you can't login)

Follow these instructions to reset your PIN

If your PIN works but you want to change it

Follow these instructions to change your PIN