Books for Dyslexic and Reluctant Readers

Dyslexic and reluctant readers can enjoy a good story as much as anybody else. In fact, top authors can be dyslexic too – including John Irving and Lynda la Plante, and children’s authors Sally Gardner and Tom McLaughlin.

Dyslexia comes in all shapes and sizes, and there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’, but Libraries have lots to offer:

Audiobooks to download

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Graphic Novels for children and young adults

These are a highly popular genre in their own right, but good for dyslexic and reluctant readers because much of the story is carried by the graphics. Graphic Novels aren’t written with dyslexia in mind, so sometimes the page can be quite ‘crowded’, and not all of them have ‘user-friendly’ fonts – but Graphic Novels have universal appeal and are definitely worth a try.

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Barrington Stoke books : Design for Dyslexia, Fiction for all!

Barrington Stoke books are designed to break down the barriers to reading, from dyslexia and visual stress to simple reluctance. Barrington Stoke books don’t patronise and they’re by the best authors in the business.

  • Specially edited for an easier, age-appropriate read
  • Best authors in the business
  • Lots of chapter breaks so readers can take a rest
  • Cream background reduces visual stress
  • Dyslexia-friendly font and layout
  • Short length is less daunting

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Quick Reads for Adults

Nowadays, dyslexia is widely recognised, but in the past, school could be much tougher for dyslexics. For Adults starting out again on their reading journey, we have a range of Quick Reads to get you started. These are heavily abridged versions of popular titles:

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