Better With Books

Families have difficulties from time to time and there is a lot of evidence that using good quality self-help materials can be very effective.

What is "Better with Books"?

The self-help books selected for this scheme have been reviewed by professionals and local families who rated them as being helpful and easy to use. Most books are aimed at parents and carers.

Each of the books contains useful information and advice to encourage you to use and develop skills you already have and offer suggestions about new ideas you may want to try to help manage your situation.

You can find a list of books here


How do I get it?

You can discuss the scheme with your GP or school nurse and if you think that it might be helpful, they will recommend a book. If you find a book that you think may help you can simply go to the library to borrow it. You do not need to be a library member if you read the book at the library. If you want to take it home to read you'll need to be a library member.  You can also search the library stock to see which books are available or to reserve them.


Where do I get it?

At your local library. As a library member you can borrow a book for one month and then return it to the library. Please treat the books as you would any other from the library and do not mark or write on it. If a book includes exercises or questionnaires please make your own copies and use those for your work


What subjects do the books cover?

There are books covering the following categories: Anger, Confidence & Self-esteem, Parents, Sleep, Bereavement, Divorce, Sadness, Worries & Fears, Bully, Growing Up and Siblings.



The library staff are professionals and will treat you with respect. This means that they will not tell anyone that you are using the scheme.




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