Rent a council garage

Applying for a garage to rent

Download the application form on this page and read the Terms & Conditions.

Return the form to the address for your area shown under the 'Contact' section on this page.

What happens after you apply?

You are Priority 1 if you:

  • live on the estate where the garage is situated and
  • don’t already rent a garage from us and.
  • if council tenants, have a clear rent account.

You are Priority 2 if you:

  • already rent a garage from us and are paid up to date on all rent accounts and/or;
  • don’t live on the estate where the garage is situated.

If there’s a waiting list, each household is limited to two garages.

We’ll call you to find out if you’d like to accept an offer of a garage. We’ll then write a formal offer of tenancy, which will begin on the first Monday after the garage becomes available.

If we can’t contact you by telephone, we’ll send you a written informal offer asking you to respond within 14 days.

If you refuse more than two offers of tenancy on an estate/block of your choice, your application will be removed from the waiting list.

Rent (plus VAT for non-council tenants) is payable on or before the Monday on which the garage tenancy begins.

Charges; Housing Tenants £5.97 pw, Non Housing Tenants £7.16 pw.

You can pay garage rent online

Conditions for letting council garages

An offer of tenancy of a garage will made on the following conditions:

  • The garage is used for the storage of any vehicle that may fit in the garage, such as cars, motor cycles, bicycles, boats and small commercial vehicles.
  • The garage may also be used for storing other items such as tools and garden implements but not flammable materials, poisons or chemicals.
  • The garage is not used for business purposes.
  • The garage is not sub-let to anyone else.
  • If the applicant is a council tenant, or if the applicant already rents a garage from the council, all rent accounts must be clear.

We’ll occasionally check that garages are being used for vehicle storage. If you’re not using a garage for vehicle storage, we will issue a notice asking you to give vacant possession and to return the full set of keys to the Council office within 28 days.


  • Address:
    Housing Area Office
    Ystradgynlais Area Office
    Hendre Ladus
    SA9 1SE
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