Ask for a council housing repair or adaptation

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Upon receiving your request, we will contact you to arrange a convenient time to either inspect or undertake the works reported. We operate a Repairs by Appointment system when arranging repairs.  This enables us to carry out works at a time that suits you.

Before you fill in the form, check the other tabs above to see whether the repair is your responsibility or is something that is planned to take place.

Explain in the 'Details' section of the form:

  • what needs to be repaired or replaced
  • what the problem is
  • what the cause of the problem is (if known)
  • where it is: inside or out, upstairs or down
  • can you describe the item (size, shape, what it is made of)?
  • is it causing any other problems or damage?
  • the best time for someone to come and look at the problem.

The more clearly you explain your problem, the quicker we can respond.

Your right to repairs

You can get some small, urgent repairs done (up to the value of £250) if they are likely to affect your health, safety or security. These are called ‘qualifying repairs’.

If you’ve asked for a repair which is a ‘qualifying repair’, we’ll arrange for the work to be done within the set time, and will send you a copy of the repair notice we send to the contractor. If we do not do your repair in time, you can insist that another contractor does the work. If the repair is still not done in time, we will pay you compensation of up to £50 per repair.

‘Qualifying repairs’ include:

  • unsafe power or lighting sockets or electrical fittings
  • blocked flue to open fire or boiler
  • leaking roof
  • toilets which don’t flush (if there is no other toilet)
  • water leaking from heating pipes, tanks or cisterns
  • loose or broken banisters or handrails

 See also: Our repair responsibilities

Larger refurbishments to kitchens, bathrooms, central heating, roofs, rendering, windows/doors, heating and rewiring are planned and scheduled by us.

More information - find out if works are planned for your property within the next 12 months

As a Council tenant you may want to improve your home.  Before altering anything you must ask the Council’s permission in writing.  See our Home Improvements for Tenants document for more information. 





Some repairs are our responsibility. See the page about our repair responsibilities.

Some repairs are your responsibility, and you will need to do them promptly, or pay someone to do them for you. These include:

  • replacing damaged door handles, latches, letter boxes and knockers
  • replacing locks and keys where lost or damaged
  • unblocking sink, bath and toilet waste pipes, and cleaning gullies, if blockage is caused by household waste
  • replacing broken or damaged windows and door glazing (unless broken by us or our contractors
  • replacement of internal doors where wilfully damaged
  • trimming of doors to clear floor coverings
  • replacement of plugs and chains in baths, sinks and basins
  • toilet seats and covers
  • replacement of cracked and broken wall tiles
  • electrical fuses, bulbs, tubes and plug tops
  • shelving, coat hooks etc.
  • pelmets and curtain fittings
  • internal decoration
  • replacement of fire baskets, frets, bars, firebricks and glass strips to heating appliances where less than two years old
  • inter-property fencing
  • flexible gas tubes for cookers
  • paths (except for main paths leading to front and back doors)
  • dustbins and clothes drying facilities


If you ask us, we can carry out work for which you are responsible, but this work will be charged to you.  See charges for rechargeable repairs

For adaptations to your home or for equipment to help you live independently, please see our page about Equipment & adaptations at home.

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