Advice for Tenants

If you’re renting property, your landlord is not obliged to keep it in perfect condition, however there are some legal standards that need to be met.  Practical support is also available to help you manage your tenancy.

Keeping your home up to standard

If you have an issue with your rented property that is dangerous or harmful to your health e.g. no heating or electrical hazards, you should initially ask your landlord to repair it. If the landlord fails to act or the problem persists, you may report it to us and we will send an officer to inspect your home. We will then be required to work with the landlord to resolve the issue. 

The Private Sector Housing Team provide specialist advice and information to homeowners, tenants and landlords on housing standards. This often involves visiting the property to carry out a full inspection using the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS). This is a risk-based assessment aimed at identifying the most hazardous problems in a property.

Where advice and guidance does not result in an improvement in housing conditions, and where there is a significant risk to the occupier’s health and safety, the council may use its statutory powers.

We will inspect privately rented accommodation, on request, if you are concerned about whether or not it complies with legal standards.

If your home is hard to heat, call Nest

The Welsh Government Warm Homes Nest scheme is here to help you keep warm and save money on your energy bills.

Read more here.

Practical Support

Help with furniture

There are a number of options available to help new tenants furnish their home. These include:

* Discretionary Assistance Fund or Loan
The Discretionary Assistance Fund and Budgeting Loans may be available for individuals who are in receipt of certain benefits.

* Furniture Schemes
The Phoenix Community Furniture Scheme is a registered charity based in Newtown and Llandrindod Wells and recycles donated furniture, household effects and electrical items from the public.

Freecycle is a 'not for profit' website which enables people to advertise and pass on unwanted items to others who need them. All items are available free of charge and the website also offers the opportunity for individuals to post 'wanted' advertisements for items that they need.

Floating Support

Floating Support is a service that provides housing related support to vulnerable adults (over 16) to enable them to maintain their independence in their own home.  Floating support services will generally be short term (less than 2 years) and will have the flexibility to support a person wherever they live – as distinct from accommodation based services, where support is tied to particular accommodation.

Please find detailed below organisations for further support/advice;