Advice for Landlords

If you are a new or existing landlord then we want to make sure that you have the information you need to help meet your legal obligations as landlords, and know where to seek advice and support in providing good quality accommodation and well managed tenancies.

How can I find a new tenant?

Contact our Private Rented Development Officer on 01597 827464.

How much rent can I charge?  

The amount of rent you charge is up to you but it should be reasonable, based on the size and condition of the property. Remember that if it is not in line with rents being charged for similar properties in the area you are unlikely to attract a tenant.

What is Local Housing Allowance?

Local Housing Allowance arrangements set the maximum amount of Housing Benefit that can be awarded to a household based on the size of property (i.e. the number of bedrooms) they need. The rates are set locally and are published by local authorities. If the amount of rent you charge is higher than the local housing allowance entitlement of the household renting your property, they will be responsible for paying the difference.

Will Housing Benefit be paid direct to me? 

Housing Benefit is generally paid direct to the tenant who is then responsible for paying the rent. However in certain circumstances, for instance if there are substantial rent arrears or if the tenant is likely to have difficulty in managing their financial affairs, payment may be made direct to the landlord. Visit the Powys County Council website for more information.

Can I keep the bond myself until the tenant moves on?

Since 6th April 2007 it has been a legal requirement for all deposits (for rent up to £25,000 per annum) taken by landlords or letting agents for assured shorthold tenancies to be protected by a tenancy deposit protection scheme. There are three schemes available, two of which are insurance-based and which allow the landlord to keep the deposit as long as they pay a premium to the scheme, and one custodial scheme which holds the bond on behalf of the landlord (free of charge) until the end of the tenancy. 

Remember: You must give the tenant details about how their deposit has been protected within 14 days of receiving it. Failing to protect a bond/deposit can result in court action and a requirement to repay the bond and a fine of 3 times the amount of the bond. It may also mean that you will may not be able to gain possession of property at the end of the tenancy. 

For more information about tenancy deposit protection visit

What if my tenant is struggling to manage?

Support can be provided to help people who are having difficulties with tenancy-related issues. Tenants in this situation should be advised to contact Powys County Council's Housing Service on 01597 827464.

Alternatively, the Housing Department may signpost you to other relevant organisations including Shelter (Tel: 0845 075 5005) and Citizens Advice Bureau (Tel: 08444 77 20 20). Support and advice regarding a range of issues such as budgeting/debts, benefit claims and mental health/counselling can be provided.

How can I ensure that I keep up to date with changing regulations and legislation?  

The best way of keeping up to date is to join a landlords association which will keep you informed of any changes to legislation and regulations that you need to know about - contact the National Landlords Association, the Guild of Residential Landlords or the Residential Landlord Association for further information.

Powys Council's Private Sector Housing Section enforces housing standards and management practices in rented accommodation and they should be contacted if landlords wish to find out about requirements in relation to room size, fire precautions, amenities etc. Telephone 01597 827464 for additional information.

Powys Private Sector Housing are continuing to run Rent Smart Wales approved Landlord Training Courses across the County at a cost of £65 per person.

If you are interesting in booking a place on a course, please contact either Housing Services or Pete Tagg on the details below:

Housing Services 01597 827464

Pete Tagg 01874 612264 / 07771683361 

Rent Smart Wales

The law in Wales now requires private landlords to register themselves and their properties with Rent Smart Wales. 

Rent Smart Wales – are you complying?

Landlords and agents with properties in Powys or any other part of Wales are reminded that Rent Smart Wales enforcement powers are now active.  

The Welsh Government scheme, that is helping to raise standards in the private rented sector, requires all private landlords to register themselves and their properties. Landlords and Agents who let and manage property must also get a licence.

Since November 23, 2016, enforcement powers have been active and landlords and agents who are not complying with the law could face a variety of sanctions including prosecution, fixed penalty notices, rent stopping and rent repayment orders.

Local authorities across Wales, including Powys County Council are working with Rent Smart Wales to identify those still not complying with the law. Councils are now prosecuting those who have failed to comply.

If you are a landlord or agent yet to comply, don’t delay. It’s important that you take the necessary steps now to comply and avoid action.

If you are a tenant and want to check if your landlord and/or agent is complying, you can visit the Rent Smart Wales online public register.

If they are not registered, you can contact Rent Smart Wales

For more information about Rent Smart Wales contact or call 03000 133344.

For more information regarding the conditions of private rented properties in Powys County Council contact Private Sector Housing on 01597 827464.


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