Job application process

To give all candidates the same opportunity to apply, we require everyone to complete an application form. However, you may attach a CV as part of your supporting information.

Please ensure that you put your name on all supporting information

We will make every effort to provide assistance in the application process, and in a confidential manner – for example, sitting with you and writing your answers into the form for you. This will also not disadvantage you in the selection process. If you require any further information or assistance therefore to complete your application form, or take part in the selection process, please contact the Recruitment Team.

The application form is also available in a hard bilingual copy; this can be posted, emailed or faxed. To request a hard copy of the application form, please contact The Recruitment Team.

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Completing your Application Form

a)    Before you begin to complete the application form, please read through the Job Description and Person Specification, the requirements are split into two categories;

  • Essential criteria – these are characteristics that are essential to the job. A candidate that does not have all of the essential criteria will not be shortlisted for interview.
  • Desirable criteria – these may be used to choose between two or more good candidates.

b)    Remember the application form is your first point of contact with Powys County Council and therefore it is vital that you make a good impression. The Recruiting Manager will shortlist from the information that you provide and therefore you need to ensure that you complete all of the information as fully as possible. If there are any gaps in your application i.e. previous employment, you will be questioned on these if you are invited for interview as part of Powys County Council’s Safer Recruitment Policy.

c)    Powys County Council does not accept C.V’s in place of the application form, however you may submit a C.V. in addition to the completed application form. We can only accept one attachment, therefore if necessary, please copy and paste multiple documents into one.

d)    To assist us in processing your application form, if you are completing by hand, please use black ink.

e)    If you apply online, please do not use the browser ‘back’ button as this may corrupt your application, please use the ‘Previous or Back’ button at the foot of each page to return to previous pages.

f)     Powys County Council does not accept late applications; please ensure that you allow enough time for the postal service to deliver your application to us as Powys County Council will not be held responsible for late or non delivered forms.

g)    Please note that when applying online, all jobs close at 9pm on the closing date, the job automatically disappears from the website after the closing date and will no longer be available for applicants to apply for.

Please note that the system is closed down at regular intervals for back ups to take place, full details of the times these will take place are given on the Recruitment Home Page, during these periods you will not be able to complete your application form.

h)   If you have applied for a position online, you will receive an acknowledgement email thanking you for your application. If you do not receive this email, firstly double check that you have completed all of the mandatory fields on the form before resubmitting and also that the email is not in your spam, if you still do not receive the acknowledgment email, please contact The Recruitment Team as this could mean your application has not been submitted.

Powys County Council does not acknowledge application forms received by hand, email, post or fax. Please assume that if you have not heard from us within 21 days of the closing date, that your application has not been successful.

Personal Details

  • Please state all of your current and previous first and last names.
  • Please give your current address, if you have more than one address; please indicate which is to be your mailing address.

Contact Details

  • Please complete this section as fully as possible as we may wish to contact you about your application by telephone or email. Interviews are sometimes arranged at short notice and we may need to contact you to arrange an interview time.


  • Registrations usually apply to nurses, social workers, teachers etc, if this section is not relevant to you, please move on to the next page.
  • Please also refer to ‘Safer Recruitment Applicant Information’ enclosed.


  • Please list full details of all qualifications. You will be required to produce original documents at interview, copies will not be accepted.
  • When applying inline, if your subject is not in the list, please include in your supporting information.

 Supplementary Information

  • Please indicate if you are related to a Councillor or Senior Officer in Powys County Council.

Eligibility to Work in the UK

  • Your eligibility to work in the UK will be checked at your interview.

Safeguarding Information

  • Please see ‘Safer Recruitment Applicant Information’ enclosed.

Personal References

  • Please see ‘Safer Recruitment Applicant Information’ enclosed.

Employment History – Present and all previous appointments

  • If applying online, please list in date order from your first employment when you completed full time education.
  • If applying on hard copy, please list with most recent employment first.
  • Please ensure that you account for all gaps in employment i.e. raising a family, caring for a relative, gap years etc. Please also include any voluntary work particularly if you have not been in paid employment.

This is a mandatory requirement for all positions with a DBS requirement or positions with PSN access (please see your job description/ person specification which will give the requirement for the position you are applying for).

  • If you have recently left school or college and have not had a full time position, please include details of any employment such as weekend, holiday or voluntary work.
  • If there are any gaps in your employment you will be questioned about these at interviews.

Supporting Information

  • This is your opportunity to promote yourself and to provide evidence that you match the criteria of the Person Specification of the position that you are applying for.
  • When completing this section, you must state how you meet each of criteria listed on the person specification in turn and also give examples and demonstrate how you feel that you meet the requirements of the role.
  • If you are applying on line, we suggest that you type your statement into a word document and save before copying and pasting into this section or attaching as a document in the document attachment section.
  • Again, if you are applying on line, in this section you may upload any supporting documentation that you wish in support of your application. Please note that you can only attach one item therefore you may wish to combine your documents. Please include your name and the job reference for the post you are applying for in the filename of your attachment.
  • A C.V is not an alternative to this statement and will not be accepted.

Additional Applicant Information

  • Please complete all questions in this section.
  • Please also state if you speak any other languages or have sign language skills.
  • Please also state where you saw the position advertised.


  • References – By selecting yes online or signing your form, you will be giving your consent for references to be requested and received via insecure and unencrypted email systems.
  • Consent – By selecting yes online or signing your form you will be giving your consent for the checks to be carried out as stated.
  • Please also read the Privacy Statement.
  • Please ensure that you have fully read and understood the declaration/ statement that providing false information with regard to your application will disqualify you from appointment or if discovered after appointment will lead to dismissal. By signing the declaration or selecting the Apply button online, you will be confirming that the information that you have given is correct.

Equal Opportunities Monitoring

  • Powys County Council is committed to the promotion of Equal Opportunities, both in the provisions of its services and as an employer.
  • In order to for us to monitor and ensure the success of our Equal Opportunities Policy, you are requested to complete all of the questions on the page.
  • All information given will be treated as confidential and only used by The Recruitment Team to monitor the effectiveness of our Equal Opportunities Policies.

 This information will not be provided to the shortlisting or interview panel.

Following the closing date of the position, the Recruiting Manager will shortlist applicants that they wish to interview on the shortlisting date.

Online Applicants

  • All online applicants will receive an automated reply when the application form is submitted successfully, if you do not receive this email, please check all mandatory fields have been submitted. If you experience further issues, please contact The Recruitment Team. Also please check your spam filters.
  • All online applicants will receive correspondence by email, this includes booking interview details. Online applicants will also be contacted by email if they have been unsuccessful in their application.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you check your email on a regular basis and also your spam filters if you are using these particularly if you have google mail or a gmail account.

* If you are unsuccessful at the shortlisting stage, you will be informed by email.

Manual/Paper Applications

  • Applicants who have completed a paper application form will be contacted in writing if they are to be invited for an interview. However unsuccessful applicants will not be contacted - please assume that if you have not heard from us within 21 days of the closing date, that your application has not been successful.

Our page about Council offices and their locations may be useful.

If you are delayed on your way for any reason, please contact the Recruitment Team as soon as possible.

What if I am unable to make the date/ time of the interview?

Please contact the Recruitment Team if you are unable to make the interview. The decision to rearrange an interview will be made by the Chair of the interview panel and is no means guaranteed. The interview date is usually published on the Job Description / Person Specification to allow you to make provision for if you are shortlisted.

At the interview

Normally there are two or three people on the interview panel. One person acts as Chair and will give a brief outline of the format for the interview. All panel members usually ask a few questions each, they may ask you to give further details on your answer if they feel it is necessary.

You may also be asked to give a short presentation or undertake a test. In most cases, the details of these are given to you beforehand to give you time to prepare.

When will I hear the outcome of my interview?

In most cases, we try to inform candidates on the day of the interview, but this is not always possible. If you have not heard within 5 working days of your interview, please contact the Recruitment Team for further information.

Am I able to obtain feedback from my interview?

For feedback from your interview please contact the Recruitment Team. They will be able to give you the contact details of the Chair of the interview panel who will be able to assist you.







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