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We have offices and centres in many locations with a wide variety of roles from refuse collector to social worker, from teacher to highway engineer.  Powys County Council welcomes job applications in either Welsh or English.

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Please ensure that you read all the supporting information and that you meet the criteria in the Person Specification for the position. 

To apply by post, contact us to request an application pack or you can download application forms.

All positions close at 9:00pm on the closing date, late applications will not be accepted.

For backup purposes, the vacancies pages are unavailable every evening from 11.30pm until 1am except for Friday evenings when they are unavailable from 9pm until 3am.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this might cause.

If possible, please ensure that you submit your application well before the closing date.

Temporary staff (full and part time) in Montgomeryshire

The Office for National Statistics is running a Census Test in April and May 2017 in seven areas of England and Wales, one of which is Montgomeryshire. They are recruiting 20 temporary staff (full and part time) in Montgomeryshire. The jobs are advertised on their recruitment partner's website:

Ex employees of Powys county council

Any previous employee of Powys County Council who left on a Voluntary Severance package will not be offered a permanent contract until an expiration of 12 months from their leaving date.