Nominate somebody to vote on your behalf

image of ballot paper

If someone votes on your behalf at the Polling Station, they are called a ‘proxy’. If you’d like someone to vote as your proxy, you need to choose a person you trust to go and vote for you.

You can have a proxy vote if:

  • you’re unable to attend in person to vote.
  • you’re physically unable to attend.
  • you’re on an educational course.
  • work prevents you from voting in person.

You can apply for a proxy vote for a particular election, or make a long term arrangement. Long term applications generally require some form of witness to support the application.

Please remember that the closing date for new applications is always six working days before Polling Day at 5:00pm.

If you become unwell after the sixth day before an election you can apply for an emergency proxy and this form can be received by the Elections Office up until 5 p.m. on Polling Day.