Corporate Improvement Plan

"Strong communities in the green heart of Wales” is our vision and will guide us in our response to the challenges and opportunities ahead.

We must identify the needs of our communities and help shape future service delivery together. To do this we must plan and make sure that we take the correct decisions today to secure what we need for tomorrow.

Our Corporate Improvement Plan describes our plans for the years ahead and what we are doing to meet your needs. The plan is one of the council’s most important documents providing a summary of our plans and work for the coming year. It highlights some of our main activities and sets out the way in which we intend to develop and improve services between 2016 and 2020.

The Plan

Download a pdf version of the March 2017 Update* (pdf document)

*In March 2017 Powys County Council agreed an update to its plan. The update reconfirms our priorities for improvement and reflects our commitment to improve the well-being of future generations.

Below is an online version of the Corporate Improvement Plan. If you are using mobile or assistive technologies, you may find the pdf version above more accessible.

Read the March 2017 update here (online version)


Read the Corporate Improvement Plan 2016-19 here (pdf document)

Our Priorities

  • Services delivered for less: Remodelling council services to respond to reduced funding
  • Supporting people in the community to live fulfilled lives
  • Developing the economy
  • Learning: Improving learner outcomes for all, minimising disadvantage

How the council’s priorities support the 7 national well-being goals

  Services delivered for less Supporting people in the community Developing the economy Learning      
A prosperous Wales X X X X
A resilient Wales X X X  
A healthier Wales   X X X
A more equal Wales   X X X
A Wales of cohesive communities X X X X
A Wales of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh Language   X X X
A globally responsible Wales X X X X