One Powys Plan - Stronger communities

In strong communities people are in touch, talk to and help each other out. They are more likely to feel that they belong and have a sense of pride about where they live. With reduced public sector funding, it is important we work together to develop resilient sustainable communities both in rural and urban areas.

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Community Delivery is well underway in many parts of the county where towns and communities are already running and helping to sustain services.

Neighbourhood Management recognises the uniqueness of each situation; the value of multi-agency working; working with the residents of a specific area, in order to tackle quality of life issues.

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Strong communities are a source of support for older people. By being involved in their local communities, older people can make a contribution, avoid isolation and improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Economically active communities are important to improve wellbeing, reduce poverty and provide jobs for local people. Regeneration is a key component to ensuring Powys remains a place where people want to live, work and play

By the end of the Programme in 2017:

Our towns and villages are more community focused, self-reliant and resilient

  • Services are retained and run by the community where they are important to that community
  • There is co-location of facilities where appropriate
  • Conditions have been created to support economic development

People of all ages volunteer and take an active part in supporting their community.

People feel that they matter, that they have a voice and can influence local decisions.

We aim to ensure that there is a safe, efficient and reliable transport service and network that:

  • Enables people and businesses to travel safely to their destination
  • Makes the best use of the existing transport infrastructure and looks to enhance capacity where opportunities arise and changing needs require it.
  • Relies upon a well maintained highway network.
  • Utilises grant support and / or capital resources to deliver targeted improvements to the network.
  • Uses technology appropriately to deliver the above

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