Trees and woodland are an important part of the Powys landscape. As well as native deciduous broadleaf woodland, there are large tracts of commercial conifer woodland managed by Natural Resources Wales, private forestry companies and landowners. 

The council is responsible for maintaining trees on its own land and can take action to manage trees along public highways where there is a potential danger to highway users. If you have a concern about one of the council's trees or a tree along a public highway you can report it on Highways Pages. For information about trees next to public rights of way go to the Public Rights of Way pages

Landowners and occupiers are responsible for managing trees on private land. The council does not have a dedicated tree officer, and so we can’t provide specialist advice about tree health or dangerous trees. If you have a concern about your own tree or that of one of your neighbours (who is not the council) you should seek expert advice from a qualified, experienced tree surgeon (arboriculturalist). Choose one who is familiar with the legal requirements to protect bats and nesting birds.

Trees within town and village Conservation Areas or subject to Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) will need consent from Planning Services before any work can be carried out on them. To find out whether a tree is within a built heritage area or subject to a TPO, or to report damage to a tree with a TPO, please contact Planning and Building Control.

Please note that Powys County Council is not directly responsible for works affecting trees and hedgerows carried out by:


  • utility companies (electricity, telecommunications, water, gas)
  • private landowners on their own land (including when alongside a highway or public right of way)
  • the Welsh Assembly Government, e.g. major road schemes