Derwenlas Play Area

Near Machynlleth

Derwenlas Play Area

This small play area is located on a housing estate in the village of Derwenlas, near to the town of Machynlleth. The estate can be approached by road, but care should be taken when gaining access to the site on foot. For this reason the site is  not generally recommended for the disabled visitor. The play area was originally built to cater for the children of the estate and has purposefully maintained this prime use throughout its life.

The items of play on this site include; swings, see-saw and a springy.


Derwenlas Play Area Map
Grid Reference: 272452 – 299160

For more information on where the Play Area is situated click the map below for an enlarged image or click the link below for an interactive map:

Derwenlas Play Area Interactive Map

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