Coedwaunger Play Area


Coedwaunger Play Area

This is a neighbourhood play area that supplies a facility for use by the local area/village. It is a grassed site that is generally level and has a play area combined with a general kick-about space that includes a basket ball board and hoop.

Access to the play area is gained by using either the road or footpath network of the adjoining residential estate and although access to the site for the disabled visitor is good, there are no internal footpaths linking items of play etc. and, therefore, access around the site for the disabled user is poor.

Items of play include; an adventure trail, junior multi-play item, a springy and a set of swings. Seating is also provided on site.


Coedwaunger Play Area Map
Grid Reference: 292600 - 229230

For more information on where the Play Area is situated click the map below for an enlarged image or click the link below for an interactive map:

Coedwaunger Play Area Interactive Map

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