Cae Hopkin Play Area


Cae Hopkin Play Field

This is a local play area situated on a small residential estate in the village. It is grassed throughout and the ground slopes upwards from the bottom of the site towards a level kick-about area at the top. This site can be extremely wet during and after periods of heavy rain and this fact should be taken into account before visiting the site.

Both vehicular and pedestrian access to and from the site is poor and there is only very limited on-street parking available. Access for the disabled visitor is poor and due to the difficult topography of the site, it is not recommended for their use.

Items of play include; a super nova, a roundabout, a see-saw, a spinner, a climbing frame and a two bay swing.


Cae Hopkin Play Area Map
Grid Reference: 282360 - 212310

For more information on where the Play Area is situated click the map below for an enlarged image or click the link below for an interactive map:

Cae Hopkin Play Area Interactive Map

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