Brynycastell Play Area and Recreation Ground


Brynycastell Play Area

This play area forms part of the recreation ground known as Brynycastell.  The site has a small castle mound that provides a picturesque backdrop and with prominent views of the surrounding landscape the site is a popular space used by the local community.

The recreation ground plays host to the town’s football, cricket and hockey clubs and is a level grassed area with adequate parking space. Both vehicular and pedestrian access to the recreation ground is gained from the adjacent road and footpaths and there is an internal pathway leading down to the play area that is located near to the town’s Community Centre and market car park.

The play area is also a level, grassed site with two main points of access, one from the market car park and the other from the recreation ground located above the site. It is recommended that access for the disabled visitor is gained from the market car park entrance only, as the footpath connecting the recreation ground with the play area is steeply sloping downwards towards the site.

The items of play on this site include; a set of swings, a hanging spinner, a springy and a climbing frame.


Brynycastell Play Area Map
Grid Reference: 328949 – 272217

For more information on where the Play Area is situated click the map below for an enlarged image or click the link below for an interactive map:

Brynycastell Play Area Interactive Map

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