Powys Local Biodiversity Action Plan Review

In July 2016 the Powys Biodiversity Partnership commissioned Environment Systems Ltd to undertake a short project to review the current Powys Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP). The output of the review will be the Powys Nature Recovery Plan.

The Powys Nature Recovery Plan will be based on available local data to provide opportunity areas for on the ground action by nature conservation stakeholders and members of the public throughout Powys.

To date work has included a review of species of local importance to Powys and review of available habitat and connectivity map data to understand where our resilient semi-natural ecosystems currently exist, i.e. our existing natural capital. Analysis is currently underway to identify where opportunities exist to enhance ecosystem resilience and provide for our important plants and wildlife.

The concepts of the data analysis are based upon the ‘ecosystem approach’ and, as such, have included dialogue with the plant and wildlife recording community throughout Powys. The next steps are to collate all of this information and prepare Habitat Action Plans, which will form the core of the Powys Nature Recovery Plan.

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