Biodiversity in Powys

The landscape and wildlife are part of an ecosystem that provide us with fresh water, food and fuel as well as income from tourism and opportunities for leisure, recreation and education.

What is diversity?
Local Biodiverstiy Action Plan
Wales Biodiversity Week
Powys Local Biodiversity Action Plan Review

The Council's role in nature conservation

As a local authority our activities have a direct impact on species and habitats, such as managing publicly-owned land, planning for local housing and maintaining and improving the road network. So we have a significant role to play in conserving biodiversity.

As well as continually improving the way we manage work that affects species and habitats, we are also actively involved in partnership projects. This includes those designed to achieve targets in the Powys Local Biodiversity Action Plan and by supporting communities as part of the Powys Environmental Partnership (PEP). PEP works to enhance the environment for the people of Powys as outlined in the One Powys Plan.