When someone moves in or out of home (Council Tax)

Single Occupancy (when only one adult lives in a property)

If you are the only eligible adult living in a property, you may qualify for a 25% discount. 

Arrangements for students

An adult who is a student, apprentice or trainee may not have to pay Council Tax. If that leaves only one eligible adult in the home, the remaining adult may be eligible for a 25% Single Occupancy discount.

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Permanently in hospital or care

If an adult has moved out of your house to stay in a hospital, residential care home or nursing home permanently, they will not be eligible to pay Council Tax.

Stop claiming Single Occupancy

if you have been claiming Single Occupancy and need to stop claiming it - if you are no longer the only eligible adult living in a property (someone has moved in or back in with you).

Form to stop claiming Single Occupancy

If you move in / move back in with someone

e.g. moving back in with your parents and they are the ones who will  be paying council tax or you are moving to other shared accommodation.

Tell us you are moving in with someone in Powys who pays the council tax bill

People in prison or other legal detentions

If you or an adult in your home has been detained by order of a court in prison, hospital or any other place, that person is not eligible to pay Council Tax.

Tell Council Tax when an adult is detained  (Opens in a new window)